my first little cotton rabbit

If you’ve been on Instagram or FB you’ll have seen that I’ve been knitting a little rabbit. A little cotton rabbit to be exact. I was talking to a lovely lady running sunday school and it turned out she used to run the church craft stall and I said I’d be donating some things this year. We started talking about knitting and making things for people and then she reminded me of little cotton rabbits. That then gave me the idea to knit them for my little girl’s teacher and assistants who are truly the most amazing teachers and helpers I’ve met. What a sweet easter present instead of chocolate.

So I started. Now the knitting is all very easy. It’s the putting all the pieces together and making it look cute that can get a bit tricky. And it brought back memories of doing the steiner/waldorf doll making class where I wasn’t the best student and you had to get just the right amount of filling in the head. And then I had a few whoopsies like making two right shoes instead of one left and one right. And I’m not sure if the arms are right but overall this is one super cute project.

A week or maybe even less on the needles. A great opportunity to get stuck into the stash. I used Bendigo Rustic 8 ply in a fleck for the rabbit. Patons Baby 4ply for the soft pink. Patons 4 ply cotton for the hot pink and Moda Vera 4 ply cotton for the green. She still needs an outfit but I knew I’d put off all the seaming and putting the rabbit together if I raced ahead and made the outfit first. And I had to use 2.25mm needles for the 4 ply work because I couldn’t find a 2.5mm set of needles. But it wasn’t a problem. Ravelry details are here.

The pattern instructions are unbelievably straightforward with loads of photos of each step. And I think if you can knit then you can make one of these……so go for it!



  1. Very cute! Maybe you need a crafting buddy who can help you gain confidence filling and assembling.

  2. Cute little bunny 😀 that pattern does look very easy to work. I always like new toy patterns. Good luck making the outfit.

  3. Julie’s patterns are totally adorable. I knit one of those bunnies but I dont know if I even recorded it in ravelry as I gave it to a neighbour’s daughter. Yours looks super cute and I cant wait to see her outfit too.

  4. Im a bit of a novice knitter but i have been looking for a knitted bunny for my son for easter and decided now that its going to be the best option to make it myself. Got the boy bunny pattern and wool and starting tonight! Gosh wish me luck lol

  5. I l love all her animals! Great minds think alike, I was thinking of making one of these for Easter as well, but for my one year old grandson. Definitely more appropriate for his age than chocolate! Not to mention cuddling a nanny-made bunny lasts longer :)

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