when I grow up – one emotional day

Today I sent my baby girl off to big school for the first time. It rates right up there as one of the most emotional days I’ve had in a long time. We weren’t even 5 minutes from home and I was already fighting back the tears listening to the radio. I’m still emotional now. It’s official. She’s at school. I have 4 at school, 1 at preschool and everyone is growing up on me.

We chose her school based on warm fuzzy feelings, caring staff and reputation and that’s about it. We knew it was the best place for her and today cemented that for us as we met warm friendly staff, her wonderful teacher and assistant. She’s in a small class of 9 and yay to have 3 girls in the class (in the world of special needs classrooms there is a big imbalance between boys and girls). It’s a big worry when you send any child off to school but when you send a little one with extra needs you worry and stay up late at night and worry some more. And last week I thought I’d made a big mistake and should have given her another year. I told hubby I’d changed my mind and was keeping her home for another year. But today she was so ready. Put her bag in her spot, went on in there and played happily. She had the best day. Smiles and cuddles confirmed it. I peeked in after morning tea and they were learning the signs to a song and it just reassured me that she’s going to learn just at her level and have fun at the same time.

We were singing this song in the car waiting for her to come out (she loves the Matilda CD) and I think the reality of the day sunk in. Out of the house 5 days a week. My baby girl now off to learn more and become more independent. And growing up. But it’s a happy day because I get to be there every day. A day I’m so glad to be her mum and raise my family. Life is so short and our greatest work as mums is within the walls of our home and the family we are raising. Don’t be fooled or pulled otherwise in today’s modern world. Nothing is more rewarding than raising a family or helping others. Nothing. We all have to make money and a living but don’t put your children and family below work. And the more my family grows and the older they all get (and me, I’m getting old) the more I realise how lucky I’ve been to raise them and nothing will come in the way of that. You can tell it’s been an emotional day. It just hit me like a tonne of bricks today.

When you’re a mum you catch yourself saying you can’t wait until they start school (I’m guilty of saying that especially when I had newborn twins) and then when the day comes you kind of wish you had that extra time back. But it’s life and they are growing up.

I hope all the new mums out there had a great start. I was totally a new mum at the tea & tissues morning tea and then wandering around the shops and park with the other kids waiting for her to finish her half day and worrying about her.

This year my charity of choice through this blog is my daughter’s special school to help fundraise for all the wonderful work they do that relies on donations.




  1. Christine says:

    Dear Corrie, I understand completely how you are feeling. Mine are 33 and 36 but you don’t forget. Elodie will be fine, it’s an exciting time for her.
    I do pray for you though, you will miss her but you will get there . My best wishes to you. Christine

  2. Well done to you brave mumma! It doesn’t get any easier no matter how many times you do it and I can only imagine how much harder it is when you have spent so long getting this precious little Miss equipped for life. My baby starts school on Monday (the last of my brood of 8), and for the first time in 15 years I will be home without a child companion. The end of an era but the start of an exciting new chapter!

  3. Dear Corrie, Thank you – I really needed to read your blog today (with tears). While we are at the other end of the spectrum 22, 20 and just turned 18. It is my 18 year old, my baby that will be leaving home first, to persue her dreams of becoming a nurse at Deakin Uni in Geelong, 2 hours from home. We have had to find accommodation for her, she is in the process of getting her license next week, getting her a car and moving out in the next 2 weeks and my heart is breaking. As a mother I have loved them, nurtured them and most importantly gave them the gift of wings so that they could fly and reach for the stars to follow their dreams (I glow with pride as I see that they are achieving their dreams). Stay strong you are doing an incredibly beautiful, important job.

  4. Sandy Norman says:

    Dear Corrie, You are such a great mum It sure doesn’t matter how old they are… we have to let them go. So glad that your daughter had a wonderful day.

    3 weeks ago I had to say goodbye to my little girl of 20 (turning 21 on the 10th February). She is working in Disney in Orlando for a year…

    Sending hugs


  5. The Angels in heaven would have been cheering Elodie on today on such an important day! Well done on being courageous and letting go of her just that little bit. You have poured so much into her life (and the lives of all your children) that now she has the confidence to take her next step. It must be so emotional. I get emotional with my older 3 starting school and letting go a little more of them. Bless you Corrie as you continue your beautiful role as a Mother and thank you for reminding us of what is really important in this world. x

  6. Your words (below) mean the world to me. It is what I have lived by for eight. Thank you. It must of been a huge relief to see your daughter enjoy kindy in the morning. Blessings to you and your family xx

    Life is so short and our greatest work as mums is within the walls of our home and the family we are raising. Don’t be fooled or pulled otherwise in today’s modern world. Nothing is more rewarding than raising a family or helping others. Nothing.

  7. Huge Hugs!
    It is such a momentous thing to send our kids out into the world… to let them take yet another step away from us… but so important.

  8. Oh you’re a lovely mum Corrie! Best of luck for you Elodie and all of you this year!

  9. Just love your posts Corrie. You have a beautiful family and you remind us of what is important in a world that is noisy and tells us what we should be doing. Enjoy that one on one time with your youngest. I hope your daughter loves school and does really well with her learning. x

  10. aw Corrie, you are such a loving mummy…and this is one of the most lovely photos, EVER!! Congrats to your little big girl on her first day ♥

  11. You are a beautiful mum xx

  12. So glad to read that your beautiful girl had a great start! That photo of her with her big brother and sisters is a real treasure. xx


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