let the Christmas making and baking begin

I can’t believe how close it is to Christmas and not even one batch of rocky road or rum balls has come out of my kitchen. It’s a first. I better cracking….here are my top 5 Christmas treats that I’ll be making this year! And I’m not hosting Christmas lunch this year which means I’ve got more time to make sweet treats this year………..

Pineapple Fruit Cake is super easy and delicious. I’ve been asked how best to store it. Nice airtight container and if you live in a hot climate keep it cool. You could refrigerate if you wanted to but remove from fridge at least an hour or two before you want to serve it. Also lovely hot with ice cream or custard!

Rocky Road with a variety of ingredients. Never fails and you’ll always get an empty plate afterwards.

turkish delight yum

Rum balls because it wouldn’t be Christmas without them and I still use this recipe about 15 years after I first started!

Peppermint Bark which is so easy and fun and a great way to use those candy canes that come from school


and little Christmas puddings because they look so sweet and pretty



  1. That pineapple fruitcake is not a new recipe. I originally made it from a recipe in actual Womens Weekly, not one of their recipe books. That was many years ago now. Boiled fruit cakes are easy and quick but do not keep as well as one made with a lot of alcohol in it. Sherry, brandy or even whisky is good.

  2. We are making gingerbread men tomorrow. Do you have any good ones that you always use to share? Thanks

  3. I’ve been making your rocky road for years – since you first posted it. ALWAYS a hit and not just for Christmas.

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