dreamnight at Taronga zoo

It’s not every night that I’m standing in front of taronga zoo at dinner time instead of being at home. And with the perfect weather I just knew it was going to be a great night

We were lucky enough to get tickets to Taronga’s Dreamnight, a once a year night at the zoo for little ones with special needs or health issues and their families.

It wasn’t too busy, there were lots of kids and it was nice to be in an environment with other little ones with extra challenges. Kind of like feeling at home and not having to worry about behaviour or being different.

We took the littlest 3 but have a feeling that our big boy would have loved r2d2 and the storm troopers wandering around.

And the police car and fire engine were also a hit

or when we ate our fish and chips and the elephant came right up behind where we were sitting or the cockatoo who swooped down and pinched a bit of lemon from the pram. And boys will be boys…trying to climb up!

We took a leisurely walk around the zoo checking out our favourite animals and had the best time.

A very big thank you to the organisers and wonderful volunteers on the night who make it the special night that it is. Thank you to Lifestart for our tickets. My little girl  was following our whole course of the zoo with the map and matching things up and just had the best night ever without all the crowds at the zoo. It was a very special night to remember.

It reminded me how much my kids love the zoo and that it never gets old!



  1. What a wonderful night for you all, our communities are blessed with so many volunteers willing to help in various ways. Great photos of what was obviously a special night. Enjoy the down time that is holidays.

  2. How awesome – I just can’t believe how big they are all getting.

  3. That’s such a treat and I can very much relate to enjoying being with people where everyone has some extra challenges and that bit of understanding. Glad that you go to go and the wee ones clearly had a heap of fun.

  4. I can’t believe how grown up Elodie looks these days! What a lovely evening for you all.

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