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Well now that BH&G Live and my craft stall are over things have definitely quietened down. Yes we have all the end of year things filling up our school calender but it’s a huge relief to have those big projects out of the way. I’ve been taking any chance I can get to sit down and do my crochet this week.

crochet blanket

The pattern I’m using is called Rainbow Ripple Blanket which you can find as a free ravelry download here. Bendigo 8 ply cotton in a variety of shades from my stash and a 4mm hook. So far so good. The trickiest part of this pattern was making sure that I didn’t miss a dc as I was going down from the peak but so long as you keep counting you are fine. I am really enjoying it and I think that’s because I know I shouldn’t be preparing for this or sewing for that. It’s a really nice feeling. I’m also getting to spend lots of time with my little ones. Can you believe this is the baby of the family. Not such a baby any more.

Hope life isn’t too busy for you. I really missed quiet nights on the couch with my craft and just being at home the last few weeks so it’s nice to be slipping back into our usual routine.


  1. Oh lovely rainbow blanket. I just finished a rainbow rag rug with Hoooked Zpagetti yarn. The BHand G would of been so much fun! Is this your baby? He’s up and walking now?! It only seems like yesterday you had him cradled in your arms. Gees I sound old now. Time flies when you have children!

  2. Love the look of this blanket. I obviously wasn’t paying attention, I just can’t believe your baby is up & walking !

  3. I can completely relate to what you are saying about finally getting some slow “down” time after such a busy few weeks. I am yearning for a quiet weekend where I can finally catch up on some sewing and get those teacher sewing gifts done and dusted off the “to do” list. Hopefully soon as we only have 4 more weeks until Christmas holidays squeeeee!!!!!!

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