time to crochet a baby blanket

I’m off to a baby shower at the end of the month and for some crazy reason have decided that I have enough time to crochet a baby blanket before then. I could be kidding myself but with stress levels running high with so many things on the go at our house, it’s just the relaxing project that I need.

I love crochet because it’s faster than knitting and works through the stash but I’m not great at it. I stick to simple blankets and love granny squares. But I’m not a fan of weaving in ends or joining 50 million squares together so large and quick blankets are my favourites.


First up and a great one for the absolute beginners is a big granny square blanket. You just keep growing a granny square until you have the size you want. You can also add a border to make it fancier. This one was made in Bendigo 8 ply cotton and is bright, colourful and best of all easy to master. Great for a tv project. I’ve written instructions here.

Once you’ve mastered the granny square it might be time to turn your attention to the granny stripe. I’ve only done one but think this will be the one I choose. Use Attic24’s fabulous pattern instructions and go for it. Attic24 instructions are here. Here is mine. I did this all in Bendigo cotton (you can’t beat big balls of yarn with projects like these and so much more affordable). I really loved it and the kids love to snuggle under it. Ravelry details here.

For something different a chevron or ripple blanket is a really great project. I’ve only made one but loved it and ran out of the wool a few times but managed to grab more to finish it off. I still love the colours in this one. Also still going strong but has a bit of pilling. The yarn was a Spotlight brand and ravelry details are here.

And I’m also thinking about this new pattern by Patons in their 8 ply cotton/blend. Thanks to Australian Country Spinners I have the cotton and the pattern…just need the time. It looks great as a neutral blanket and so bright and fun. I’m really itching to make it. Image source

2015banner-Summer-CottonBlendNever crocheted before? It’s easy. My favourite person on youtube is Mikey of Crochet Crowd and you can see all of his tutorials here. He takes it slow, you need a ball of wool and a hook and you’re off. It’s easy once you get the hang of it and with youtube there are no excuses. You just need patience and the willingness to stick it out until you get it….and then you’re off!

And you’ll find more ideas on my pinterest board here, I do go a bit crazy pinning on pinterest but it’s always good to look back on when I need some inspiration or miss craft!




  1. I really have to dig the little blanket I was making my daughter out of the cupboard. I had never crocheted anything before other than a hugely long chain as a kid so I decided to do the big granny square. I think if I just finish the ball of wool I am using now it should be big enough to snuggle under on the lounge. I think I started it about 2 winters ago so I should probably try to get it done before we have another winter :)

  2. I adore crocheting and you’re absolutely right it is such an easy craft. All these blankets are gorgeous.

  3. I’ve just started to crochet and almost finished my first corner to corner blanket :)

  4. I agree that you do have a lot of ends when you make a blanket out of granny squares, but you do so anyway when you use a lot of different colours. At least with granny squares, they are small so you don’t drag a great big thing with you when you want to work on the blanket while out somewhere.

    Which reminds me, there is a stash of green/lilac/white granny squares somewhere at the bottom of a basket. Maybe I should dig them out and make more to finish the blanket?

  5. I’ve seen a whole lots of beautiful crocheted blankets and I wish that I could just pick it up and do it. With the wet weather here it sounds like a beautiful time to be had on the couch. Pop by my blog I”ve got a Better Homes and Gardens Show giveaway!!! You deserve a treat and I’ve got three family passes to giveaway. All Things Mum.

  6. I love the mindlessness of just crocheting around and around but prefer the effect of lines. Over the last few years i have made a number of blankets using random colous (within a chosen colourway) and textures. This makes up gorgeous blankets. I weave the ends in using the crochet hook before crocheting over them with the next row.

  7. Crochet was my first foray into true crafts when my mum taught me at 9 years old. I’ve always loved to play with yarn. I’ve made the big granny square before and I have a stripe going. I will finish one day!

  8. Hi Corrie,
    I am normally I silent follower but can you please help me with where you can get the pattern for the blanket drapped around the little girl in the photo above? It’s gorgeous. I love your family too xx

  9. Have a look at the Spice of Life Crochet Along pattern, the official CAL has finished but the pattern and stitches are SO easy to follow. I’ve just finished the first section and am now up to the repeat but I have learned SO many new stitches beyond the granny square and the reality is, a stitch like the shell, isn’t that dissimilar to a granny stack :-) I started crocheting when we moved interstate in January. I have made 2 blankets (one queen sized), countless cowls and a whole bunch of new friends!

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