blossom time

I love this time of year in my garden and especially when it’s blossom time. Only two trees with blossoms but that’s enough for me.

and my little guy is walking! a few steps here and there and even though he’s the 6th baby of mine to walk, it’s just as exciting as the first.

I took all of these with my 25mm lens which is still my favourite!


  1. Beautiful pics Corrie. And I agree that it’s exciting when your baby starts walking. Phoebe started walking confidently at Problogger conference this year. X

  2. First steps are always exciting ! I am not very impressed this year, the cockatoos have picked all the buds off of the tree outside my loungeroom window…… flowers this year :(

  3. I too love blossom time. The first tree looks like a plum and the second a pear. Am I right?

    I live in Canberra and one of my nectarines started blooming at the end of July and the late one looks pretty in pink just now. My apricot trees and the peachcote (cross between apricot and peach) have just finished as has the plum and the cherries and apples are getting ready to bloom. Then I’ll be sitting back to wait for the fruit.

    • ummmm I’m not sure! neither tree have any fruit on them, you could be right! we have a big section of citrus trees on the other side of our yard but no blossoms there
      I would love some stone fruit trees though! how lovely you’ve got a few!

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