my new sewing machine Brother DreamWeaver XE

What a week! My new sewing machine arrived on Monday so I thought to myself this is going to be a great week but it went downhill after that with a few things going on here at home. A super quiet weekend without my van did have an upside – I could grab some time to have a play on my new toy. And isn’t it lovely?

Thanks to Brother Australia I’ll be doing all of my sewing and quilting on this baby….when all of my big babies are asleep or at school. We’ve tried doing some sewing while little people played in the room behind me but it didn’t go down too well and embroidery threads have been made into big towers that fall over and then rolled around the room.

This is a Brother Dreamweaver XE VM6200D and the D means that it comes with Disney embroidery designs built in. They have been so cute to play around with and with one major Toy Story fan in the house I had to go to the shops and get all the colours to make him a Buzz lightyear. But I’m still finding my way around the embroidery functions so am hoping to do Buzz this weekend. You simply click on one of these icons and it takes you to more pages of designs.

There is so much to love about this machine  and so much to learn and make the most out of it. I am blown away by the size, the lights which really light up the work surface, how easy embroidery is (I did have the manual in one hand teaching myself but so far so good), the colour touch screen and the number of ways I’m going to be able to use this beautiful machine. Oh and the needle threader is so much fun. My last needle threader saved my life on many occasions and this one is just more high tech and like a little robot that comes down, wraps the thread around and goes back again. I love it.

I’ve done a few simple projects – facewashers, some handtowels, a cute dress for my big girl (still to be hemmed), iPad bag for speech therapy and I’ve got lots more planned.

I’ll be back soon with some photos of what I’ve made and some little videos of how I’m going……………


  1. Oh wow!! It looks amazing Corrie. I’d have so much fun with a machine like that. Can’t wait to see what you’ve made xxx

  2. Oh my goodness! How awesome to have a new machine!! Looks amazing. You will have so much fun Corrie. I’ve always wanted to try embroidery… so many cute designs out there. I’ve heard the Brother embroidery machines are great too. I really can’t wait to see what you make 😀

  3. lyn lindsay says:

    Have fun Corrie with your new toy hope the ‘time’ is available for you through the week, when my daughters were young I would be up at 2am sewing my little heart out, it worked BUT I did not have 6 children just 3…happy sewing.

  4. Oh wow. What a machine. The screen is so big and clear. So good. Just a quick question about sewing machines…I’m about to fly with my sewing machine on the weekend and the airline have not been so clear on how to travel with it. Have you flown with a sewing machine before?

  5. That looks like fun. I keep eyeing off the new Janome sewing machines but mine is still working beautifully. It looks like you will be making lots of beautiful projects.

  6. I have been scouring the Internet for all the info I can find on the Brother Dreamweaver XE6200D. I am in the market for a TOL machine to begin my retirement and I believe this is it. I was deciding between this beautiful Brother machine and a Viking Designer Diamond Royale but I believe I will remains a Brother girl as well. Thank you for your insights.

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