ditching the anti-perspirant

First up, this isn’t a sponsored post and I didn’t receive these products. This was just me wanting to try some natural deodorants because I’d been thinking about it for ages and then couldn’t find any at the supermarket. So I finally did something about it, tried two brands, one I picked up at the supermarket (if you look really hard you’ll find it there….hiding!) and one I ordered online. I’ve used both and am happy with them and ditched the anti-perspirant. I can’t even tell you why I wanted to. I think it was a combination of trying to be more conscious of what I was using on my skin and the kids skin and realising that I hadn’t change my deodorant, what we were eating and wondering if I should try them.

First up is the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Deodorant. First thoughts….wow I’m going to smell like aeroguard today. It has a strong smell at first but that dies away and it’s a very effective deodorant. I need a pretty good strong deodorant so this one really fit the bill. But each morning I do get a bit of a strong smell when I open it up but over the course of the day it doesn’t smell and it really works. That’s what you need from a deodorant really. It’s free from aluminium and is natural and made in Australia. I had to hunt around the supermarket and it was the only aluminium free one at my local woollies but I’m really happy with it and love using it. It’s great if you are a heavy sweater (I can’t think of another way to describe it!), don’t mind strong smells at first and also if you’re a man. I think this might be a good one to try. I don’t exercise but if I have something to go to at night or later in the day I did put another bit on just to be sure.

Next one I tried is Moo Goo’s Fresh Cream Deodorant. I had to order this one online (apparently there are some stockists too). It came with a great sample and was beautifully boxed up and the box smelt heavenly. Super fast delivery from Queensland and the price was the same as Tea Tree Deodorant but I did have to pay for postage so I ordered 2 bottles. This doesn’t have a strong smell when you first use it and is a great deodorant if you’re not really a heavy sweater and don’t require a really full strength deodorant. I liked this one because it didn’t have the strong smell of the Tea Tree but it wasn’t as great for me on a day I was out in the sun – not exercising but just a busy day outdoors – and I had to put some more on. Now apparently over time this might go away and it’s just my body getting used to a natural deodorant after years of anti perspirant so leave it with me. I will report back to you!

But that’s me and I go through a lot of deodorant and am used to putting a bit more on later in the day. I think this one is perfect for the delicate ladies out there who don’t need full on protection and are also sensitive to smell. This one will be great for you because I don’t think you could last with the Tea Tree and it’s strong smell. This one is also great for your children who require a natural deodorant, are just starting to need a little something or perhaps have some health issues that mean they are sweating and need something for school. So the 2nd bottle went to one of the older kids and is working wonderfully.

So there you go, I loved them both. I’ll stick with the Tea Tree for myself and the Moo Goo for the big kids (but I might come back to the Moo Goo after I’ve been off the anti perspirant for a while). I’ll also be trying more of the Moo Goo range because I was really impressed with their hair care and skin range and we have a few sensitive scalps and skins here.

Love to hear what natural deodorant you are using and loving. It was actually my readers who told me about Moo Goo…………………


  1. I am a heavy sweater too Corrie and often use ‘crystal deodorant’ from the chemist. Its odourless, Australian, natural and works fairly well except on really hot days and best of all didn’t cost an arm and a leg

  2. Another user of the crystals here. Have used them for years. No aluminium, available from supermarket and they last just about forever, unless you drop them on the bathroom floor. They Se ip a barrier on skin to stop bacteria which cause the BO. from forming. I am very satisfied with them. Any time I try to revert to the more usual, I get a nasty rash which was what caused me to change in the first place. After a say, the rash had gone when I started with the crystals.

  3. I’ve tried everything, including the crystal, but nothing worked!

  4. My goodness this has been on my mind for ages and I think I’ll try and make it the first one my daughter tries.

  5. Thanks Corrie, I’m off to woolies to buy some tea tree deodorant, maybe the smell might help out with my persistent sniffles too at the same time :)

  6. I stopped we wearing deodorant everyday after i had my son. I was at home all day so why bother. Now i find i dont actually need it. I hope its not just that im used to the smell but i really think that unless you are a strong smelling person that some people just dont need it (unless im at the gym).

  7. I’ve tried a couple of deodorants but have yet to find a natural one that is strong enough. I will have to look for that teatree one.

  8. Try Black Chicken Axilla deodorant paste – best thing ever! Better than crystal and tea tree I found :) https://blackchicken.com.au/products/body/axilla-deodorant-paste/

  9. I’m a Moogoo convert!! When I first started using it, I noticed I had a slight BO smell, but after about a week that stopped. Now if I do a reasonable amount of sweating there is no smell. I even check my clothes sometimes just to make sure I’m not stinking everyone out without realising!!! It doesn’t stop you from sweating, it just works on killing the bacteria which causes the BO. I have recently just switched to their shampoo, and for the first time in about 20 years I don’t have an itchy scalp or dermatitis behind my ears. Love all of their products I have tried so far, and love supporting an Aussie company!

  10. Charlotte Elliott says:

    I tried the Norwex crystal deodorant and really liked it but then it got dropped on the floor and shattered :-( As I’m not a gym junky I actually usually don’t wear any deodorant over winter unless I know I might be doing something where I could sweat. So far so good. However, come summer I’ll be back to wearing it.

  11. cec maher says:

    I have tried the crystal one and yes its fantastic but lately I have ordered a good old Avon one at work and its aluminium etc free . love it . Good old Avon hey who would have thought

  12. More of a broader comment but I’ve bought most of the MooGoo range (I always buy it online because you can purchase everything you want rather than select items at some places).The shipping table rate is really reasonable too, especially when you buy a lot. I get everything, moisturiser, shampoo/conditioner, the nappy balm was THE BEST for my daughters eczema. The anti-ageing face cream is divine. Bubble wash, milky wash, soap. Lip balm etc etc.I could go on. All of it is mint.

  13. Thanks for posting this review of your experience Corrie, I have an ongoing battle to find a deodorant that works really well for me…and like yourself, worry about he chemicals and the reaction they have on my skin & our environment. My hubby uses the Neonat crystal or sometimes other forms of crystal and has done so for many years. He swears by the crystal. I have tried the crystal too but for some reason it didn’t work too well for me. I am a heavy sweater, but might give these a try and see how I go :)

  14. Thanks for this. The comment from one of your readers (Liz) mentioning that moo goo does lip balm is just what I was looking for. My lips are really bad this winter. Products that have lots of chemical ingredients just make them worse, I tried the body shop hemp one & although it worked well the strong fragrance irritated my throat. My husband is out now checking local stockists to see if he can get me a moo goo one to try.
    My huband used the tea tree deodorant for years but then couldn’t find it any more & had to change. He really liked it.

  15. There’s one that Sarah Wilson wrote about too on I Quit Sugar which she regarded highly…I’m with you no aluminum must be a good thing but as a heavy sweater I’ve never been able to use anything bu antiperspirant…will try the Tea Tree one for sure.

  16. I have tried a homemade Witchhazel that was pretty but not perfect. have been using crystal for 4 years now and except on ovulation and 2 days around day 1 when I have really heavy hormonal pong the crystal has worked really well. I ;supplement the crystal on the hormone days with a magnesium one from the health food store. I was a very heavy sweater had accupuncture and was advised to have ducts operated on. Glad I avoided that, s/glands are there for a reason.

  17. Christine says:

    When I make it properly, I prefer the homemade stuff, the version I use has coconut oil, bicarb, corn flour, teatree oil, and some other essential oil. It can be hit and miss to make but it worked well last summer and isn’t as messy as it sounds. The second batch I made didn’t mix properly or I added something incorrectly. I don’t mind the thurs plantation stuff but it doesn’t seem to last long enough with me (and that is through winter/spring).

  18. I use Herb Valley deodorants. They are aluminium and paraben free. Smell good & work well for me. In particular the roll on ones – Charm & Enchanted!

  19. I have been using aluminium free deodorant for over a year. I switched as I wanted to lessen the chance of breast cancer. I tried a Nivea roll on in a dark blue bottle (can’t find it on Coles or Woolworths online shopping) it worked well however in the heat of Summer I had huge sweat patches on my sleeves. It was embarrassing. I finished using it in Winter with no sweat patches. The Nivea had a subtle feminine fragrance. I had the same result with a non aerosol spray ‘Body Crystal. Crystal mist. Body spray deodorant’. Works great during the cooler months. Fragrance free. I love using ‘Thursday Plantation. Tea tree deodorant’. I don’t mind the tea tree fragrance at all. Sometimes during the heat of Summer I need to reapply in the day. Highly recommend it

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