the magic of Disney on Ice

This week was my first time at Disney on Ice and it was definitely magical. I knew that my little girl would love it and I kept talking about seeing the princesses but I had no idea just how much she would love it. She soaked up every minute of it! Pointing, laughing, getting nervous, tapping us to point, singing, dancing in her seat, waving her arms up and down with the music. And when her lantern lit up she kept saying magic, magic. This is someone who doesn’t have a lot of words but she knows her Disney princesses so could say snow when snow white came out and her other favourite princesses.

I have to confess during Rapunzel that we were both saying magic as it was the highlight of the show and so much fun. For first timers we had the best day………….EVER!!!!!!!!!! (Tangled joke). We had 8 of us all up and it was just the perfect length for little ones. Not too long that they lose interest and even the 9 year olds thought it was the best thing they’d ever seen.

If you live in Sydney there are still tickets for each show until Sunday and it was wonderful! Be quick and just go here. And we were right up the back of the reserve A and had a wonderful view so don’t worry if you think you are too far back because it all looks down on the arena. We are now hooked for life and especially with my little girl who was on cloud nine for the rest of the day. In fact I think we’ll have to make sure some other little ones with special needs get to come with us next year because it was just that special!!!!!!!

A big thank you to Disney on Ice for our tickets, we felt so lucky to be able to take the whole family and enjoy it together. We are going to be customers for life now……………


  1. Heidi D says:

    It sounds like you had a great time. I don’t have anyone little enough for this any more although I do have a big girl that would have loved it when she was younger.Many years ago she had some big speech issues happening, one thing that was always very clear though was her great love for “Cindy-Ella”. I was actually a little sad when she finally started to call her “Cinderella”, my sister had even found her a book about Aussie Cindy-Ella that really had that name, I still have it. It is such a great feeling as a mum to be able to watch such joy on little faces.

    • oh so cute! yes my little miss calls her princessella! never cinderella! so cute! I think you should just go, honestly the faces of adults were just as entertained as the kids:)

  2. Jenelle says:

    You’re right, that show was absolutely magic! We went for tqhe first time for my birthday and everyone Loved it! Including hubby! Kids and I were dancing in our seats too and Rapunzel was just the best! My 5 yr old son wants to do that for his birthday, except he’s a Feb babe so we’ll just have to go for my birthday again next yr ☺. So happy you all loved It too!

    • yes! it’s so hard to describe how special it is but rapunzel just stole the show and flynn ryder was gorgeous and the work they did in the air really took my breath away! Such a fun thing to do, I’m going to make sure we go next year:)

  3. I saw parts of it when it was in Brisbane and it looked awesome! I happened to be working there that weekend but i saw all the pretty princesses that came in and it was awesome.

  4. Susan leach says:

    I remember taking my now 25 year old as a 4 year old and we had the best day. Such lovely family memories

  5. Oh wow! I bet that was magical!

  6. My recent seven yr old begged me last year but I said no due to the cost. This year I bought her tickets for her birthday. She was the perfect age and it really was a magical show. I went about 5 years ago, she was too little and her sister probably a little too old but perhaps that was just the show. This one was fantastic!! So glad you all loved it too.

  7. What a lovely day out. I’ll be super keen to get to shows like this when my little Miss is just a tad older… she wouldn’t sit still for it at this stage! :)

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