that elusive family photo!

So in my mind I imagined we’d all be in our sunday best at Church. When that photo didn’t happen I thought, ok let’s get a photo of everyone outside in front of a nice tree and still while we’re all dressed nicely. Then someone got some food on their communion dress, a toddler was sleeping, a baby was eating, someone wanted to kick the footy out the back, someone else wanted to get out of their good dress, there was food to serve. So then I said to my dad don’t leave before you get a photo of us…………and in the end it was just smile for the camera…..and we did it!!!!!!

how hard is it to get a photo of everyone in the family? This one should do us for the year….


  1. Charlotte E says:

    A beautiful shot Corrie because you’re keeping it real. Now you need to find the perfect frame :-)

  2. Christine says:

    Dear Corrie, you couldn’t have a nicer photo to look back on.
    Such a happy, natural one!

  3. Lovely photo. I know what you mean, its so hard to keep everyone together all neat and tidy for a photo. I remember a similar photo to yours of our family, with all six kids looking half decent on communion day. My mum was cross with me because I held up my favourite teddy for the photo at the last second. Funny what you remember isn’t it!

  4. But the memories of a wonderful day last a lifetime…you look wonderful x x

  5. Beautiful photo. Wow, how big your big girl has gotten! Remembering back to those early get togethers and craft meet ups….

  6. what a great shot. It’s so hard getting kids to look at the camera. You have a beautiful family Corrie. X

  7. And it’s a great one too! X

  8. And it looks absolutely perfect! Wow! Look at all those cherubs, what a great job you & hubby are doing Corrie. Love your dress, hair & whole outfit actually, beautiful! :) xo

  9. Haha. Our girl communion dress hangs in my closet anticipating the next girl. No worries. You all look great.

  10. Engracia says:

    I think it is perfect! What a beautiful family you are xx

  11. Di Ross says:

    Well done. Mine have all grown up now and we still have trouble.

  12. Lovely photo of you all. It took me a while to work out which one was Emerson – looks so grown up!

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