the ‘first’ first holy communion in the family

I’ve always looked forward to my girls making their First Holy Communion. In fact I just love when other little girls make their First Communion. I love the dresses, the traditions, thinking of my own day ( I remember being paired up with the shortest little boy on the day and that my mum made my dress). My mum didn’t have pinterest or the internet for inspiration.

Today my big girl made her First Communion and it was perfect. I had no idea when we started looking at dresses what I wanted but once I discovered the beautiful spanish dresses and the girls with their hair out and a simple bow or crown I knew that would be perfect. We found a beautiful dress on etsy and the wonderful Monika Venika made it to my girl’s measurements (we’re a little on the short side) and it arrived at our house from Poland within a week. It was perfectly made with a little bag to match and so much more beautiful, well made and better priced than the dresses I’d seen here. If you need a beautiful dress then please use Monika because she does a beautiful job.

In fact when she put it on her little brother and sister thought she was a princess and someone kept bowing down saying ‘your royal highness’. It was the cutest. Captured in my laundry (not the most attractive room in the house).

the crown came from lovisa, some simple pearl earrings, my gold medal from when I made my First Communion with a simple little cross

and a handmade bracelet from this lovely lady on etsy Katie Bourchier with her confirmation Saint Cecilia on it and thank you Katie for the St Cecilia holy card wrapped up too. Just perfect.

We took some photos (some holy and some hamming it up for the camera) then headed to church.

It was so lovely receiving compliments and comments from the people coming out from morning mass. We took our seats, took some photos and then it all began. A beautiful mass and really directed at the children. Our gorgeous girl did a prayer of the faithful and was happy and confident. I have to say it was so organised with seats already allocated (don’t you love that, no getting in early to grab a seat or miss out) and it all ran so smoothly. The children received their communion and then the rest of the congregation.

I love the little comment from the Priest that as they grow up wherever they live in the world or whatever they are going through that they can find a Church and the Blessed Sacrament and remember back to that special time when they made their First Communion and that they can remember they are part of a family, a Church family. I know that the traditions that my parents (thanks to my mother’s faith) are what we carry on in our family.

And you can see in the Church that the other families are keeping their traditions going and making new ones. And it’s beautiful. We took some photos after the beautiful mass and of course in my mind I imagined a beautiful family shot but kids were scattered everywhere and so I grabbed a few photos and then we headed home. There was a cupcake for the children making their sacrament and my beautiful girl gave hers to her little sister who had wanted one but wasn’t allowed because they were only for the children making their communion. She told me she already knew she wanted to give it to her. So sweet.

Home and lunchtime. Thanks to all that baptism practice I was loading trays into the oven and someone else was on champagne duty. Slight hiccup when I was driving home and realised I had put soft drink in the fridge but not the champagne! Oops so thank goodness for bottle shops and refrigerated champagne. We had a continental cake just like lawson’s baptism. So good.

There were presents, some fruit picking because we found someone who loves grapefruit (woohoo!) and then said bye to our guests and put our feet up. Well dishes, more champagne, bathtime, photos and talking about the day. A special day that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon and best of all a gift for life. As I put on my girl’s tights we had a little chat and I shared with her what today was about and the promise she should make to Jesus. As one mum says all we can do is raise them in our faith before they leave home and hope and pray that they will stay with it.

Do you have beautiful memories or traditions of First Holy Communion in your family? Or perhaps you’re just excited that someone is making it soon.



  1. I have one left to make her Holy Communion, it’s still a few years away for her. I love the little traditions that go with it and the special little traditions that we add along the way. Your daughters dress is beautiful xx

  2. Congratulations Kiera and Corrie. What a lovely happy and holy day for you. We have a confirmation coming up soon and I’m looking forward to my little man becoming a “grown up” in the church. I love that sentiment of bringing them up in faith and setting them free to take those learnings into the world with them.

  3. Beata Kromrych says:

    How beautiful Corrie! Glad you all had a very special day and everything went well. Keira looked beautiful! And the dress was made so far away, very special :)
    I do remember my First Holy Communion so well, so many special memories. The most important was a big family reunion! My parents and my Godparents didn’t talk to each other for many years. Such a blessed day it was- we all sat at one table:)
    Also remember the moment I woke up and a big joy in my heart. Every single piece of my wardrobe, the little bag (it must be a Polish style;-), a candle, a very special crown made by my Mum from fresh myrtle (has been growing at our house just for this occasion).
    Remember our priest and a nun Teresa- he most important person in my faith path!

    Anyway- 2 weeks ago we celebrated my son First Holy Communion and it was much different than we used to celebrate in Poland. No Grandparents, no Godparents, no aunts, uncles, cousins, just my little family:) But I decided we will concentrate just on spiritual aspect of the day. And I do hope my son will remember this day as I do mine. And now, as you said, our mission as parents is to continue the celebration every Sunday:) And I do know how hard it is to get them all ready and on time (can’t imagine with twice as many kids though;-))) xx

  4. How very special Corrie! Keira will keep this in her heart as a special day she made her commitment to follow Jesus and it will remind her in years to come when she needs that encouragement. You doing such a lovely job raising your children in a house of faith and what a difference that will make for their lives :-)

  5. Heidi D says:

    What great photos. It sounds like you had a really lovely day.

  6. Di Ross says:

    Beautiful post. Keira looks so grown up. The dress is stunning. Job well done mum.

  7. anne seery says:

    Many blessings for Keira, and for you too Corrie ♥

  8. Thank you for sharing your little girl’s special day. She looked beautiful and the dress was divine! I especially loved how you reflected on your own First Communion and how you talked to your daughter about this special time with Jesus. I have prepared students for this sacrament and I am now so excited as my son will be my first First Communion! Thank you for the inspiration x

  9. Although im not religious now my sister and I did our first communion. I sort of remember it but do have a few pictures. I had the most trouble finding a dress as i was a little chubby girl, i think it came from the op shop in the end, and i had a little mesh cap too. My dad got us each some rosary beads, mine were pink and my sisters were blue.

  10. This was so lovely to read Corrie. Beautiful photos of a very special day. She is such a gorgeous young lady, your big girl. A blessed & wonderful family :) xo

  11. What a gorgeous post and Keira looks so grown up.

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