school holiday mode

Well it’s official. We are on school holidays and have officially switched into school holiday mode. That means sleep ins, staying in our pjs, fighting with your brothers and sisters, tipping out the lego tub, using pocket money to buy more lego, making a big mess and not having to be out the door by 8am. And we’re loving it.

Over the rainy weekend there was some knitting and today I’m going to finish this off and have all the details on the blog later today. It’s a gorgeous pattern (In Threes) and was a pretty quick knit.

It’s not all fun and games during the holidays, we visited the dentist yesterday and we’re back again next monday. Hairdresser visits usually make an appearance. I also set goals like going through the wardrobes to move clothes between growing children, see who needs what, lots of decluttering, cleaning my craft room, the playroom and giving the house a good clean. We also have a few movies planned and top of our list is Cinderella which I can’t wait to see.

If you’re on school holidays then enjoy them! It’s a great time to just rest and recharge before the next school term starts……………………….I love school holidays so much but there is a teeny tiny part of me that is happy to wave them off to school again and get back to routine.


  1. Holidays are bliss!

  2. My girls have got on well over the last few sets of holidays. These ones started with pouring rain and it hasn’t stopped.. A little over it now! But I still love not having to get out the door early and make lunches the night before!

  3. This is my first ever school holidays! I will admit, when little man left kinder on friday a couple weeks ago, and the teachers said “See you after the holidays,” I was a bit surprised. But we are loving it! I always promised myself I’d make the most of our family time when school holidays were a thing, and I have tried to do that. We’ve had lots of craft, chocolate, baking and general family time. The sleep ins haven’t really happened, but the lack of rushing out the door at stupid AM is great!!

  4. Oh look at your beautiful knitting! I’ve been crocehting and I love it! Made my first 2 perfect granny squares last night – so excited!

  5. I love the holidays too, not having to rush and bustle little people out the door and scrabble around for uniform socks at the last minute! And no lunch boxes! Got to love that. Enjoy :)

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