another in threes

Just 2 weeks from start to finish on this little knit. Not bad with end of term, easter celebrations, all of the kids at home and everything else that goes on around here. The background for this little project is that hubby came home from work asking whether I had made something for a lady at work who was going on maternity leave. Like really soon. The intention was there but I’d been knitting a few other things.

In the end I missed the deadline by just by a week but this definitely was a quick pattern. All in one knit from the top down and I just love the little cardigan now that it’s done.

The pattern is In Threes by Kelly Herdrich and you can find it here for US$6 to download. The yarn was a one off buy from Spotlight a few years ago. It’s called Full o’Sheep by Debbie Stoller, and it’s 100% wool and super squishy and soft. I really enjoyed knitting with it especially since I only bought it for the colour. I just love pink and it was the brightest pink I’d seen in a long while.

Buttons were also from Spotlight picked up last week and made in Italy which is a nice change. I couldn’t get a colour to match but thought these were pretty and in a shade of pink.

Now I’ve knit this pattern before but in an 8 ply and I mucked up the sides of that one. This one I did the garter stitch under the arms and love the look of it.

And here’s the back

And some ‘super cute I love to buy clothes for baby girls’ outfits from Target that were just too cute not to buy. I love giving a hand knit with a little something else to wear

Ravelry details are here. This would be a lovely project for a beginner who can cast on, cast off, increase and do knit and purl. Definitely going to make this again when I need a quick project.


  1. Sweet – there is now an adult version called Practically – I have knitted 7 adult versions over summer – 3 for me in different colours and the rest for friends/family. Easy no brain needed knitting and great for 12 hour car journeys!

    • oh wow thanks! I’ll have to add the details in there! thanks for letting me know. We don’t fit in the one car at the moment and I miss being able to knit in the passenger seat.

  2. Corrie, love the cardy but I would need your advice on how to deal with knitting a 10 ply pattern in 8 ply wool. How do you go about ensuring it comes out in the right shape/size? I do a lot of knitting for charity and buy my wool (8 ply for kid’s knits and 4 ply for babies) in bulk to make it most cost-effective. (Like you I am an accountant by trade lol !)

  3. So pretty and love the bright pink. In threes is my favourite basic kids pattern, I like it more than the Kina.

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