I need your craft stall ideas

Well a new school year means diving head first into volunteering at school. I know some of you love to volunteer too especially in the craft department. One of the jobs I’m helping with is the school fete later in the year and the craft stall. I remembered the first meeting is tomorrow and I realised that I had all these ideas in my head and hadn’t actually put pen to paper. These are the cute little tissue holders I made for the mothers day stall last year, you can find the super easy tutorial here.

And I thought who better to ask than my lovely readers for the things they make or love at a craft stall. So far I’ve got

tissue covers


baby bibs

appliqued onesies

handmade cards


crocheted/knitted cotton facewashers and some soap

peg bag

fabric fat quarters

hit me with yours because I know you have better ideas than me………………….

and if you’re looking to do craft markets or a market stall yourself this year, I have a great little post here with my top tips



  2. Grocery bags, aprons with good coverage, slippers.

  3. Keyrings.

  4. Lavender hearts for hanging in your wardrobe or putting in a drawer.

  5. Charlotte E says:

    I was going to say bookmarks too! Also little zippered pouches, coasters and if you have time some of those lovely pencil rolls you made a few weeks ago.

  6. Easter Bunny pockets (bunny shaped felt stitched with an opening big enough for a medium sized egg to go in)
    Pencil toppers (One Crafty Mumma has a tutorial)
    Library/music tote bags
    Eye masks for mum

  7. Plastic bag holders. There are heaps of tutorials going round at the moment the prettiest one I’ve seen is at http://www.elefantz.com/2015/01/tutorial-bag-bag.html. My daughter brought me one in Kindergarten and we still use it and she is in Year 12.

  8. carolyn Pennington says:

    Small girls sun-dresses(if the Fete is Spring time) sell very well-shoulder ties with Liberty `yo- yos` across the front-“Oliver and S` have a fabulous pattern and so comfortable!!
    I have also made little girls nighties from this pattern
    Good Luck

  9. Sunglass case, iphone cover, mini sewing kit.

  10. I must say the first thing i would look for would be bookmarks too.There are some really great ideas from other readers.:)

  11. ‘More Than 50 Fabric Scraps & Remnant Ideas’ – http://tipnut.com/scrap-happy-fabric-scrap-ideas-free-patterns/

  12. Those bookmarks that are elasticated and stretch around the book. You could also do notebook elastics, like what kkikki k sells with a slot that a pen could fit in.
    Or combine the two.
    Hand towels for hanging from a knob
    Handkerchiefs (so hard to buy nice ones, but not sure if they’re worth the work involved)

  13. Get kids to stamp brown paper and make wrapping paper.

  14. Bunting! All your fabulous fabrics would make gorgeous strings of bunting. You can make it continuously and sell by the meter or just in 2/ 5/ 10m lengths.

  15. Sarah Best says:

    Fancy Singlets, Tutu’s and Boardshorts?

  16. Library bags (with embroidery or plain)
    Play mats/ change pads
    Crocheted star blankets for babywearers
    Crayon/marker holder fabric rolls

  17. My daughter just suggested puppets- finger puppet and hand puppets.
    What about those sensory fiddle mats with the marble sewn in?
    Heat packs?

  18. Georgina Anders says:

    I’m making wheat bags and jars of bath salts. The jars are recycled olive jars from the canteen, I run them through the dishwasher and they are ready to be filled.

  19. pillow cases and envelope pillow covers

  20. unpaper towels, reusable produce bags, crochet soap savers and pot holders.

  21. * Notebook or Journal covers are pretty simple to do. I’m assuming they will have to be mass produced and simple, so I’m thinking some grogeous bright fabrics and probably to fit those sort of handbag sized notebooks. If you’re feeling fancy, a strip of elastic or a ribbon tie to help keep them closed is a great feature, especially if they are going in a bag!
    * Phone covers/pouches are always cute.
    * Hair clip boards.
    * Chair bags – now I’m showing my age, do they even use chair bags anymore? My mum used to make mine and I always had friends asking for them.

  22. Katherine says:

    Wheat bags use scraps and are excellent.
    Journal covers

  23. Nicole hall says:

    Magic wands and capes for small boys, felt crowns, super hero masks and capes. Small denim bags with flower brooches on them. Covered journals, table runners, water bottle bags

  24. Roll up pencils. You know, the pencils roll up in a strip of segmented fabric lol.

  25. Tote bags, in different sizes, some for shopping, some for carting lunch and bits to work, or that can double as a knitting bag.

  26. You have great ideas!! It’s probably well past your meeting, but key fobs (I just received one from someone and they said it takes them two minutes to make one. Let me know if you would like a photo!), bookmarks, pet rocks (for some reason the kids at our school loves these – a river stone with googly eyes and some felt/wool ‘hair’ stuck on (they sold really well at $1)), a variation of ribbon twirlers (a wrist band made out of cotton tape with ribbons attached. Younger kids love to dance and move to music with these.

    These ‘dancing fairy rings’ are a good idea

    I made a dozen of these felt crowns which I’ve found great (adjustable and washable!):

    I’m looking forward to seeing your craft stall photos!

  27. Jenn-on-the -coast says:

    Matching adult&kids aprons
    Tea towels(buy plain ones and add fabric trim)
    Library bags
    Shopping bags
    Zippered pouches
    Head bands
    Good luck!!

  28. Recorder covers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! super easy and can be made so FUNKY !!! making the recorder bearable !!!

  29. I always look for the hand towels with the crocheted section on top that let’s you hang them from a peg; clothes hangers that have been crocheted/knitted over; baby beanies and baby jumpers.

  30. Bunting, plastic bag holders, aprons, door stops, wind stops (those long rolls you put against the door to stop the cold … I’m sure they must have a name) & I will ALWAYS buy a crocheted hanger to put my good clothes on. I will also not pass up a crocheted hand towel for the kitchen.

  31. Angelina Tharp says:

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