my winter knitting wish list

We had a really chilly day last week and I had to scramble for some jumpers for my little guys. So of course my thoughts have turned to what to knit this winter. I love knitting in winter. There is no better excuse to get comfy on the couch or in your favourite chair and spend the night knitting. So let’s start with a pattern that I have been hanging out for….tiKKi’s Wallaby which I will be making in 10 ply. I’m thinking something grey like Bendigo’s Luxury in Ghost will be lovely and neutral. The pattern comes in 4 ply, 8 ply or 10 ply options which I think is fabulous and the sizing starts from little babies. Another winner for me.

and for my little lawson I’m thinking a placket neck pullover like the one I did for his big brother.

And like all good patterns it wasn’t the first time I’d made it. I made the placket neck for my big girl when she was a little one and then passed it on to my littlest miss. Adorable in a cherry red Bendigo back room special

I love those back room specials, you never know what you’ll get. Bendigo back room? Got no idea what I’m talking about? You need to read here. I’m hoping I’ll be back there some time this year en route to Melbourne.

the back room

Now a pattern that I had hanging around since my big girl was a teeny tiny girl but had only made a few years ago was Duck Soup and it really is a winner in winter! I might need a moment to look at this sweet little face that is just adorable. I used a Bendigo back room special and it was just perfect! my only regret is that she’s now grown out of it and I’ll have to make another one. Definitely add it to your wish list because it was really easy to make and so lovely on. You can see all the different Duck Soups that have been made and I love how people have knit it up in cream then added the multicoloured

And for any little babies being born then I’m just going to have to do another granny’s favourite which I just adore. I did this in a back room special from Bendigo called Shetland 8 ply and it was just lovely for a little newborn.

Another kina? Well never say never! I’ve got about 10cm to go on the kina I’m doing now and they are gorgeous in winter over a long sleeved tee or winter dress and are the best little cardy for parties and church. That’s why I’m so addicted as I’ve never met a kina I didn’t like. And I might just have to use this Luxury Aquarium again

And lastly to finish it off since it is a wish list! Sly Fox Cowl, and I’d love to try my hand at Fair Isle with this baby cardigan from Purl Soho and maybe another Gidday Baby because it was such a sweet pattern.

I think that will keep me busy and let’s see how much I actually get done now that the busy life is back on with everyone at school and a little one at preschool! Have your thoughts turned to winter knitting yet???? What’s on your wish list?



  1. Such beautiful knits, I’ve not long done a few cardigans similar to the kina in bendigo cotton. Recently purchased a beautiful book called baby and toddler knits made easy. There are 50 projects, oh where to start. Happy knitting!

  2. Lovely patterns Corrie. The back room always has something special in it. I knit some cardigans out of the Cameo last year and loved the yarn, though of course it has been discontinued. I look forward to seeing your little boys knits too.

    • yep always happens! hate it when they discontinue something lovely! I can’t believe how long we’ve ‘known’ each other through our knitting:) :)

  3. Thanks for your ideas Corrie. We have the Kina patterns and are now waiting for the Bendigo yarns to arrive. Lots of knitting projects lining up this year.

  4. Love this wish-list. I’ve just bought the Kina pattern after seeing all your beauties. I’m no knitter (give me a crochet hook any day), but have lined-up my Mum …. Super-knitter extraordinaire … To knit one for each of my girls, and she’s even going to have a go at the adult one for me … Oh, there might have been a little Bendigo order done too! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Hi Corrie, Cannot seem to find any Bendigo yarn here in Qld’s Gold Coast. Do you have any recommendation as to the best equivalent? Have a nice day :)

    • no you do need to order it online but it’s worth it. Email and ask for their shade card which will help you with ordering. There was a lovely shop in brisbane called tangled yarns but I think they have just closed up shop. Let me see if I can find anything

  6. Hi Corrie, you answered some Kina questions for me a couple of weeks ago & now it’s coming along beautifully. And I’m loving using circulars for the first time! Can’t wait to finish it, thanks again for your guidance.

    • oh I’m so glad! there are a lot of stitches but it really is worth it and a whole new world of knitting now you’re on circulars! good work!

  7. What a list! I have already made a start on a Wallaby cardigan in 8 ply for my little girl’s winter wardrobe. I’ve got a couple of balls of the bamboo/mohair/wool BWM blend in a lovey violet colour. I’ve almost finished the yoke and it’s already looking so sweet! And knitting up lovely.

    Apart from that I’m looking at perhaps a long sleeved dress for missy and am hoping my son fits his duck soup this year! I knitted it last year but it was huge haha. If it fits him this year it will be a great outdoors coat for kinder. Fingers crossed! That’s what happens when you’re a beginner and you think you better knit to include ‘growing room’ lol.

    Depending on how long everything takes to knit (I don’t have a good track record) I might look at another winter knit but if the season’s too far advanced I’ll end up starting on summer next year – i’ve already got a kina, a haimi and maybe another light cardy planned!! Hubby said no more new yarn until the stash is emptied so here we go!!

    • haha love how your hubby already has an opinion on the stash – it always starts out so innocently and then you find things that you just have to have:) :)

  8. Well it will probably take me until winter to finish the Kina I am knitting now but I am hoping to make a milo vest for one of my little guys at least, and as we are hoping and praying to be blessed again there will be some more baby knitting on the horizon

    • ohhhhhh you can’t beat knitting for your own little bubba! I’ll keep that in my prayers for you tooxxxxxxx I do hope to make a milo too for some little babies to give away! such a cute and satisfying project!

  9. Beautiful knitting for the children Corrie. I just love Bendigo’s back room There is always something to come home with in there.

    • I know! as soon as I hear that we are going to melbourne I bring it up in conversation that we will have to get there! I just couldn’t visit victoria without a trip through bendigoxxxx

  10. I would love to be able to do this. I’m still learning the ropes when it comes to knitting – I’ll have to get my finger out before winter gets here.

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