project life – week 1 2015

Now technically this isn’t documenting week 1 of 2015 but it is my first week of Project Life for this year. I’ve decided (well once I had started I decided) that I’d need a family album and then a separate album for 2015. I have to confess it’s very addictive and the only thing that has been stopping me going crazy and doing it every day is that I need photos and am going to organise a big bunch of photos to be printed.

BUT I have to tell you that it’s not as easy as it looks. The corner rounder from becky higgins range was pretty hopeless with the photos and so some of the photos are cornered and some aren’t. I might look at the Stampin’ Up corner rounder. And when I took photos proudly of my pages and then look at them I can see the card from the other side is sometimes showing.

Anyway, I am using my core kit from 2013 called Olive and mixing in newer mini kits that have gold, glitter and are a bit more fun and modern. And taking photos is actually good because I see that I’ve left that card on the left blank but it might be nice to write down about their first year.

So far so good. That’s week 1 done with my L plates on.


  1. oooh! Thanks for the reminder, I might start Week 1 2015 :) Last year I think I got to about Easter before it all fell apart!

  2. I bought a different corner rounder, I think it was Fiskars at Spotlight, after having no luck with two Becky Highins ones and it is way better!

  3. It is very satisfying getting a couple of pages finished for the album Makes you wish there was more time for our crafts.I think if we didn’t have to go to bed at night we would have more hours for craft. haha.

  4. I have a Creative Memories corner rounder which is fantastic. Don’t know if they even exist anymore though; it used to be a scrapbook party plan company.


  5. The Stampin’ Up! corner rounder is fabulous. Works like a charm, each and everytime and I’m not just saying that because I am a demo.

  6. Thanks for the tip on the corner rounder. I have one with my laminator which I assumed I would use, but maybe not.

    I am just waiting for my printer to arrive now, not starting til then. Basically I will start whenever I can. Which is a massive step considering the kit has been in the sewing room for a year, lol.

  7. Your pages look fantastic Corrie. This is a project that I need to do at some point. I’m still in the put-it-off-for-as-long-as-I-can phase!

  8. I love the look of Project Life but the thought of printing up all the hoots puts me off when we have been digital for such a long time now. Would love a digital version and perhaps print as a photo book?

    • Project Life does have a complete digital range (check out Becky Higgins website) and an app for iPhone users makes it even easier, you can print a book off at the end of each year ….. Love it !
      Good on you Corrie and welcome to the addictive fabulous world of project life

  9. I also do PL but only when I feel like it. So sometimes we may not do much over a couple of weeks the a few things as a family at once. At the moment I only do a family project life album and I do digital scrapbooking – a page per month- for each child (x3). The key is to not pressure yourself. My first BH Cnr rounder broke and I took it back. It’s better now and the kids love going through the album. The joy on their faces Is what it’s all about.


  1. […] Higgins. To be honest I got the idea and push to start, because the ever so lovely Corrie from Retro Mummy was starting her first project life this year also and I wanted to join in on the fun too! Okay I […]

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