hopes for 2015

Can you believe it’s the last day of 2014!!!!! We are just hanging out at home, jumping on the trampoline, eating sorbet, getting a bit of laundry out (oh isn’t that the story of my life this year) and we’ll take a swim later. This was the sky yesterday……..amazing!

And tomorrow is 2015….my last year in my 30’s! Every new year I think about what I’d like to do a bit differently during the year and here is today’s list…it’s not the definitive list, it’s in no order but it’s a good starting point!

Lose my 10kgs of baby weight and get back into my wardrobe

 Listen more and talk less ( have you met me? Then you know the problem we’re talking about)

Have a clean house and not just when people visit

Work less online and craft more. I love my craft and I will make more time for it next year.

Save not spend

 More fun with the kids and less nagging

Send thank you notes

 Read my bible every day and more books that are good for my soul. Get your hands on a Life Application Bible if you don’t have one. It’s the best.

Do more for my charities including some charity quilting days (so much fun and a good cause!)

 get some chickens and plant some fruit and veg

just have fun…………….

oh and no broken bones or hospital visits if possible! 

What’s top of your list?


  1. Instead of reading from my bible daily, I follow the Universalis blog and the daily mass readings arrive each day. http://www.universalis.com/20141231/mass.htm A reflection is emailed too. This is my attempt to organise myself. Happy New Year.

  2. Not too much you can do about the broken bones if your children are anything like mine were and their children take after them. Miss M with leukaemia was thought to have broken a wrist and thumb at school near the end of term. Fortunately the swelling disguised a bad sprain, not a break. Her big sister broke each arm a week apart so had both in plaster together for some time. Then she cracked knee cap. This required a huge brace with five strapping worn 24/7 for a could of months. One of these happened at Girls’ Brigade, the other two at school.

  3. Universalis is good and there are lectionary and daily office apps for both iPad and iPhone. Sacred Space is an interesting site but I don’t know if they have an app, as is pray as you go.

  4. Let me know about the charity quilting days, would love to be in that. I’m aiming for no surgeries, injuries, be more mobile. And yep, read my bible more, I read Word For The Day at breakfast each day.

  5. Some of these resolutions are in my list too. Except I have 20kgs of weight to lose. The problem of having two of my girls close together and not fully getting rid of the weight last time around. Happy New Year to you Corrie and your lovely family. xx

  6. Spend more time doing things just for me. Get that sewing machine out and make things I have put on Pinterest. Baking again. If I can do one of these things it will be a great year.

  7. Ha ha, I love the third one – something I can totally relate to! Sometimes I plan to have visitors just so I can get the house tidy. Here is wishing you and your family a healthy and happy 2015!

  8. dianne nunn says:

    Wishing you a happy new year.

  9. Wishing you a wonderful New Year’s Corrie and lots of good health and happiness to your family. I have loved reading your blog this year.

  10. Happy New Year Corrie and I hope 2015 is full of happiness and health and you attain your personal goals. I have loved reading your blog again this year and may God’s richest blessings be yours this coming year!

  11. I think I need to learn to listen more too and less talking! I think no hospital visits for any family members would be fantastic this year and for lots of happiness! I too plan to lose weight Corrie and I am hoping that this is the year to start.

  12. Happy 2015 Corrie, I hope you fulfil all your wishes, especially the broken bones wish

  13. I love your list Corrie – I have a few the same as you! One that I am adding to my list is to concentrate on my current responsibilities and commitments (i.e. not put my hand up for everything!). Another is to stick to my list! Happy New Year. xxx

  14. Michele C says:

    Great list Corrie. Hope you tick lots of them off this year. Have you got YouVersion on your phone? They have loads of plans for reading the bible. Also google ‘BSF international’ – it’s a bible study group that meets around the world and there’s one close to us. Best of all is that there is a children’s program where the kids learn too. Its the highlight of my week.

    Enjoy all the craft! I’m finally finishing the quilt that used the wadding I got from you in July. It’s slow going here! Going to try the Rita (RPQ) method of machine stitching on the binding.

  15. Christine says:

    Happy New Year, Corrie! Sounds like a good list!
    I can say from experience that spending more time on your craft rather than cleaning/tidying the house will make you feel better mentally and emotionally as I am sure you already know ☺️ Just ‘go with the flow’ and enjoy these precious years with your children (and Retrodaddy, of course).
    Enjoy the school holidays. Look forward to reading your blog.

  16. Happy New Year Corrie,
    I think there is one more to add to the list – be kind to yourself. You have a lot on your plate with a large family. I remember the wonderful post you did about being the parent of a child with developmental challenges – a lot of what you said there applies.
    I read your blog because the tone is so honest and sincere. So thank you – and all the best for 2015.

  17. Hmm hard one,the end of 14 saw me put right on my behind,walking and never coming back was first thought,I hibernated for a few days and only just made Christmas,now for 2015, hold my head up ,hugs my boys,dont let nasty people get too close,and yes try to keep house tidy ,lol and not just Im expecting visitors, and most importantly laugh more and find joy in myself,my family and my life

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