the easiest Christmas card you’ll ever make

Well it’s the 19th December and I still haven’t finished my Christmas cards. Making them or getting them in the post. I always have good intentions. Every year I tell myself to be more organised. I mean I have all of the supplies here, envelopes and stamps and tonight I’ll get moving and have them in the post tomorrow morning. I saw this idea on pinterest and thought it would be easy and fun to make. You just need some coloured card stock  (I had double sided which was fun), white cards or plain cardstock cut and folded into cards, double sided tape and scissors.

You can cut out the triangles or thanks to a lovely reader Christy who put an order together for me you can use a triangle punch like this one from Stampin’ Up.

Just arrange the triangles, stick them on with double sided tape one by one and voila you are done! You could also write something cute on the front with a gold or silver pen but I’ve gone for the simple stick them on look.

One reader also used washi tape for an even easier and faster card. Do you make your own cards or are you like me with good intentions!


  1. I have made my own cards a few times but I tend to leave things until the last minute so it doesn’t always happen. This year things have been unbelievably hectic for the last few weeks so there was no way cards were getting made. I finally had my husband grab a packet when he was at the shops & posted a few today to some people that I have no way of contacting other than a postal address so that they know we are ok. I always promise myself that I will be more organised next time……..maybe next year :)

  2. I totally take the cheats way and use Snapfish. Just get a photo/some photos and select a card design and add some personalised text. Done. Then I just have to address the envelopes and put a stamp on them. That’s the only way mine get done in time. It turns out I have started a tradition and I am told they like getting our Christmas cards with a picture of my son on them. My Mum has them on her fridge. Needless to say I love looking at them and seeing the changes. I also keep some charity Christmas cards on hand for those that need a more generic card.

  3. As long as our girls were still little, we used to take “christmas” photos and send them as christmas cards to family and friends. Sometimes I combined the photos with a little poeme made by my mum…
    Later I turned to a crafty kind of card like this:
    These days I often buy cards crafted by a collegue of mine.
    I like to have things like christmas cards finished quite early :O)

    Merry x-mas to everybody out there and a happy, healthy New Year!


  4. okay – little mistake: The link leads to the photos with our kids and THESE are the crafted cards….

  5. I havent’ written out one card this year, not a one. Been a little busy with the move. Perhaps tomorrow. Perhaps I will finish writing the Christmas letter for my family overseas today. Or perhaps it will be a New Year thing!

  6. Have you tried getting the little ones to dip their finger in brown paint and pressing onto the paper and when dry adding antlers and a red dot for a nose to make the cutest reindeer cards ever. Coloured paints also can be turned into christmas lights strung out across the paper. Just join together with a black fine line pen. My class made both to give to family. They looked fantastic. Merry christmas to all the family.

  7. I always used to make my own cards and then life got too hectic and the tradition seemed to go by the way. This year however I tried my hand at a couple of easy designs that I’d seen on Pinterest and then I was off! Loved getting back into the swing of it and before I knew it I had a lot done…as it turned out not one the same, some similar, but all unique. I thought I should slow down as the feverish nightly activity had produced over 60 cards. Well – they all were used and I had to resort to a few store brought for the last few as my deadline for posting had arrived. I loved crafting them so much that I think I’ll make a head start on next years cards while all my Christmassy things are still close to hand :)

  8. That is so cute. I should start doing these pronto instead of buying cards.

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