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I often joke that I don’t get out much. And it’s true. But today the pest man was all booked in for 8am which meant that I needed to take everyone out for at least 4 hours. So movies it was. All of us. And a helper. The big kids are great at the movies but the littlest 3…well who knew how that would go. And I could have done with 2 helpers the way it all turned out. But anyway we had a ball and we fell in love with Paddington the movie.

So this isn’t sponsored or anything like that but we just loved it so much and it was nice to watch a movie that was cute, funny, clever and not from hollywood. No offence to my american friends but I know you’ll love this cute little movie. If you’ve seen it did you love it? If you haven’t then make sure you take all the family. I had some great laughs and it definitely sits in the feel good movie category. And it was the first time our little 2 year old visited the movies and he loved it. And it must have been the day for bears as I popped this little bear from Harrods on my bed this morning before we headed out.

and if you loved the movie then we’ve discovered this lovely site Paddington where you can find out more and where I found the image for this post.


  1. Thanks for the review of Paddington. Sounds good. I am a teddy bear lover so this would definitely be my kind of movie. My grandchildren are too small at the moment.
    You were very brave taking all your little people even with one helper. Glad you enjoyed the movie and hope you can have quite a few outings these holidays. Love the bear on your bed not to mention the quilt cover he is resting on. :) :)

  2. This looks really good. I may have to borrow one of my little nieces to go though. My “baby” is about to turn 12 so I’m not sure if I can convince her to see Paddington with me, she wants to see the hobbit with Dad :)

  3. I really want to see Paddington and Alexander and the very bad day. It sounds like a mummy date with my oldest to see them. :)

  4. Heard a great review of the movie and planning to take my four year old to it.

  5. My girlfriend messaged me today telling me how wonderful this Movie is, now reading your post I’m definitely booking it in for the school holidays, we don’t start until next Thursday.
    How lovely that all of you got out and enjoyed the movie, great that you had a helper, I know how challenged I am taking 3 kidlets to the movies!
    Glad you all had fun x

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