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I don’t know if it’s a crafter thing or just a me thing but I love to make lists of presents I’m going to make before Christmas. I get all excited, and go through my books, think of each person, plan it out and then………..I get busy. Christmas comes and goes. Although I did promise my grandma a quilt for her bed and she’s still loving it and using it on her bed. So I’m not all bad. It was finished and blogged on the 23rd December.

one finished quilt for grandma betty

Anyway here is a book that I purchased last Christmas with good intentions but never used and am hoping to make a few things this year. And I think you’ll like it because it’s got a great variety of projects and something for everyone.

I think the great thing about this book is that you’ll find small projects that you can whip up, larger quilts when you have a bit more time or want to make something extra special, projects to make for little ones

projects like this wine bag that you can put something nice in to gift to that extra person hard person who has everything…………

and there are some really cute projects

So many times you buy a book and you might not want to make everything and I’ll admit that there are a few ‘fall’ projects that won’t really appeal to the aussie readers but the book is just fabulous and has lots of inspiration and projects for you to get sewing and quilting before Christmas.

But perhaps I just need to start in January or February if I’m ever going to make everything on my wish list.


  1. This reminds me of the way I am with Christmas cards. For a couple of years I was really organised & hand made my cards. Now we are in a smaller house & I don’t have a craft room any more I need to unpack stuff from the cupboard & try to find the bits I need. By the time I dig through the stuff to find what I need I have lost all enthusiasm for making the cards.

  2. Oh that red and white star quilt is just gorgeous!!!! I’m itching to get sewing but my back has been playing up and left me out of action all week! It’s not good because all I can do is look at fabric online, it could get expensive!!!

  3. The cute little bear is just gorgeous. Looks like it could be whipped up quick to make a lovely gift for a little person.

  4. I love creating handmade gifts too, they always seem to create such a lovely reaction. There’s something quite special about receiving handmade pressies. Last christmas I found so many great ideas on pinterest and had a ball making everything from decorations, to bonbons, a book wreath, advent calendar and so much more. Enjoy your christmas crafting.

    Sarah x

  5. what a wonderful book

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