the baptism

Well where do I start. Baptisms and celebrating special milestones never gets old. Whether it’s your first or your 6th. In the car on the way to the church keira said to me, mum you really love this stuff don’t you……. and you take your food very seriously………she had me laughing. But it’s more than the food and the party, it’s a special day to mark Lawson as a child of God and welcome him into the Church. It’s the first of many sacraments that he will receive and it’s such a special day.  It’s what our parents did for us and their grandparents for them and before that too.

I love that we continue the tradition and bring up our children as Catholics. We don’t just talk the talk here. Before we got married we made a commitment to do what our parents did. To go to church every Sunday and bring up our children with a strong faith in the hope that they will continue it with their own families. We wanted the same values that we were raised with to be passed on to them. And as my children get older and as I welcome more babies into our family I realise that the world needs this more than anything.

And I love the little traditions that we’ve created in our own little family . I have the candle made at Jamberoo Abbey, if you ever need a candle the nuns make them and hand paint them and they are just perfect. The dress has been worn by everyone except the twins (who were teeny tiny at baptism). It’s a little petit bateau linen and cotton dress that I picked up in France on sale before I even got married but thought would come in handy and it certainly has. Not that I ever could have imagined we’d baptise 6 babies!! The blanket was handmade and purchased on…………….wait for it………..ebay. Yes that’s right. A lovely lady in queensland makes and sells these beautiful blankets and it was perfect. And the beautiful bracelet which I shared before was from here.

When planning the big day for my little man I didn’t predict a 38 degree hot day in October. So it was a sweaty day from the time we left home until our last visitors left. And looks like that we’ll need to get the air con fixed after all. And all of those lindt balls were as soft as anything by the end of the day and I had to pop them in the fridge to recover.

And the day just went in a blur.  An absolute blur. I had my time plan all written up and ready to go from 5am but I ended up waking up at 7.30am and was just chasing my tail. Thankfully we had visitors so aunty christine was put on the hair straightener and vacuum, uncle andrew was outside putting up chairs, using the blower vac and tidying up. I was in the kitchen cleaning, feeding the baby, getting kids dressed and just putting the finishing touches on everything. I have to thank Flossy Flamingos for this fun tassel which she whipped up for me and express posted. It was perfect. And thank you to Jane for lawson’s beautiful name sign.

Thankfully with all hands on deck we caught up to my time plan and left on time, got to the church and I had read in the newsletter that 9 babies were to be baptised that weekend and I had a little panic. We walked in and my friend as well as retro daddy’s brother and wife were the first ones there so we had our pick of the seats. It was very warm in there so everyone was fanning themselves and the priest was sweating, two of my little ones acted up the whole time and you would think had never been in a church before but somehow we got them through it. And it was just a lovely little service. The highlight was Lawson just smiling and laughing as the water was poured on his head….that’s why we are all smiling in the photo because he was just smiling and enjoying it. No tears here.

The candle was lit and then the little ones were busting to blow out the candle like on a birthday cake. I really thought of one of them might say hooray and throw their arms up as candles mean birthdays in our house. And I think my face is saying oh no you are not blowing it out.

we took more family photos and then it was a race home to beat the guests to the front door. That’s the thing about baptisms and celebrations, you don’t have the luxury of having been at the house just before your guests arrive. Lunch was simple and delicious and I put a few of the ladies to work in the kitchen.  And then at about 10.30 that night I remembered that I hadn’t put any of the delicious fruit out. In fact I almost forgot to put the macarons out until after the cake was cut. Now the cake was something else. I had moved away from my usual cake lady and so my friend, lawson’s godmother ordered this beautiful 10 inch continental cake with layers of soaked sponge and layers of custard and chocolate inside. It was perfect and some gold leaf sprinkled on the top for a little something special.

My dad was the official photographer of the day so I’m sure I’ll share some more photos when he sends more through but while we’re all still thinking about the day I wanted to share a few of them. It really was a special day and although it went by so quickly I have some very beautiful memories of Lawson’s baptism. Thank you to my family and friends who shared it with us, especially the lovely Godparents and those who couldn’t be with us but were in our thoughts on the day.


  1. It looks like a lovely day. So special to be able to have those little touches that become a family tradition.

  2. Gorgeous Corrie. Eleanor’s baptism is coming up, and she is sharing it with my cousin’s baby boy – so my Nanna is of course beside herself with delight having her two great-grandbabies baptised together! My mum is busily making Eleanor’s gown using the lace from my wedding gown. I’m sure it will be a very special day, our maiden voyage unlike you experienced hand!

  3. Lovely photos of a beautiful and special day x

  4. Oh WOW that was wonderful Corrie and sounds all so magical. Loved reading the story and looking at the happy snaps.

  5. Love your baptism photos
    Love your hair and how divine is that baptism outfit and the hues of bleu et blanc
    Just exquisite. You have a lovely traditional yet retro feel about you that feels very balanced and peaceful in 2014. The candle from the nuns is so sweet and healing for us all

  6. Kathy MacKie says:

    Beautiful memories were made…

  7. Beverley Priest says:

    Love the traditions that you uphold Corrie…beautiful memories, beautiful baby boy and a beautiful family, made me think back to my children’s baptism. May God bless and keep you all happy and healthy xx

  8. Christine says:

    Thank you for sharing your baptism photos. May God bless you and your family.
    The candle and baby blanket are beautiful!

  9. dianne nunn says:

    Beautiful pics, beautiful family. Who made the blanket? It is gorgeous.

  10. Beautiful photos and family traditions of a special day.

  11. Great photos of a very wonderful day. My favourite would have to be the pic of you with the “don’t blow out the candle” look. x

  12. So lovely Corrie – I bet Lawson was smiling because that water was so cooling on such a hot day!!!

  13. It all looks so beautiful Corrie. Lawson looks totally adorable in his christening gown.

  14. Julie Grill says:

    Thank you Corrie for sharing such a beautiful day. It’s so lovely to hear that you are following your family traditions, creating some of your own & being such wonderful role models for your children. I’m proud to say that all my grandchildren have been baptised by our wonderful Parish priest, who also baptised our youngest son thirty one years ago & married the four sets of parents in recent years. I can understand for many that life can be stressful & demanding at times & difficult to keep up the old ways but family values will certainly stand your children in good stead in the future & the memories will be wonderful.

  15. So beautiful. Miracles happen when holy water is poured on people. I baptised my sister who was in palliative care two weeks ago and she opened her eyes for the first time since being in hospital. She is sadly gone but in Gods care. Congratulations to Lawson and welcome to the beautiful family that is Jesus with us. Can’t wait to see more pics. God bless.

  16. Suzanne S says:

    Looks like such a beautiful day. Congratulations to you all :) I try to have a Mass said every month for my children to always stay in the Catholic church. I also pray often that they, and any children and grandchildren they have, will always remain faithful. “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

  17. This is a beautiful post, such a special time

  18. So heart warming:) congratulations once again, Corrie!

  19. I love this post Corrie! Beautiful photos and beautiful words. And you look fantastic!

  20. How Beautiful,I only have two of my five baptised,we had no one we could ask to be godparents and even the first sons god parents are gone,so it was wonderful to read about your lovely day

  21. Sounds lovely…except for the heat. Love ‘the look’ you must have a great bunch of kids to do all of this and the two mucking up where probably just excitable from the special day activities

  22. I love your beautiful traditions and I love how you desire your family to grow knowing God and passing that onto future generations. You’re so right, in today’s world we really do need this! Such a beautiful baptism day and we welcome little Lawson into the family of God :) x

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