haimi by kids tricots

I love the satisfaction of finishing a project and there is a special sense of satisfaction that I’ve finished this project with an 8 week old baby in the house. Yes he’s 8 weeks today!!!! And it’s all thanks to mastering feeding and knitting at the same time.

Now I have to admit that I still need to add a button to this project but I was so excited to have it finished that I grabbed a safety pin and pinned it up and put it on my model. And I really love this pattern. As you know I’m addicted to the kina and this is by the same pattern designer but was a lovely alternative.

And if you’ve never knitted a cable before then don’t worry. It’s just holding a stitch, knitting the next then knitting the held stitch and that’s it! But it’s pretty impressive when it’s done.

The pattern is Haimi by Kids Tricots and is a EUR3 download here. I used Bendigo Luxury 10 ply in Lotus (322) and I’m wondering why I haven’t used this colour before because it is just perfect!

Ravelry details are here.  And you know me, I’ve already cast on my next project and looks like my goal of knitting each of my little girls a cardigan for summer is on target. I’ve cast on a kina in size 6 for my big girl and hope to have it knocked out in a couple of weeks.

Happy knitting………………………………………..


  1. Love the colour. And though you make it sound easy, you are still amazingly talented in my eyes!

  2. Oh, the pose in the last photo?? That whole hand/hair thing going on, too cute!

  3. Australia’s top model! Beautifully crafted…..I think I will have to give this one a go now.

  4. Beautiful finish. The colour suits her perfectly..

  5. Love the colour… what a gorgeous model!!

  6. Elodie is the perfect model Corrie! I love the color too and never really with it for my niece. I might have to try out that pattern. I have yet to knit a Kina too although I do have the pattern for that one.

  7. Wendy Martin says:

    I’m just loving the model, her poses and her little squishy arms. Just delicious (and so is the Haimi – I have it downloaded but not yet knitted it. Now I’m all enthusiastic again!)

  8. Your model is just too cute….. and I wish I could knit……

  9. This little cardi is lovely…..as is your model :) Love the colour too!

  10. The cardigan looks amazing! Knitting and feeding is quite an accomplishment.

  11. That is a lovely cardigan with the cable. I will add it to my list of knitting projects. KawallaKids

  12. I love it!

  13. Judith Hogan says:

    That colour is beautiful, and the sweater turned out wonderfully with the cables. Looks like your young model is taking after her older sister in the modeling department. So cute.

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