Lullaby Knits

Some of you have probably worked out that I have a bit of a thing about knitting for babies. And I can never have enough pattern books. And with a new baby in the house there is no better excuse than to have another book to add to the collection.

Lullaby Knits by Vibe Ulrik Sondergaard is probably one of the prettiest knitting books that I’ve purchased. And truth be told, I’ve purchased a few in my time.

The patterns are sized for newborns up to aged 2 and are a mix of 5 ply, 8 ply and aran. I love this. I’m not one for knitting in 4 ply (because it takes too long) so I love the variety and if you love Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino then you will love that it’s the designer’s choice for 5 ply.

These patterns start off with a very simple large cable jumper (you might call it a sweater)

and then move on to fancier cables and lace patterns. This book is perfect for those who want to move on from straight garter or stocking stitch and there are some advanced patterns in the book but I think there is a nice mix for everyone. Probably not for the absolute beginner but once you’re feeling confident then I think this book is for you.

All up this is just a gorgeous book, published last year and a really beautiful knitting book to add to your library at home. I picked up my copy at amazon.


  1. Hello, I know you are super busy but please update your blog heading to Family of 8, You don’t want little Lawson to feel left out! I know it is probably on your to do list but just in case it slipped your mind, I didn’t think you would mind if i sent you this little reminder. Have a great day, I love catching up on your blog.

  2. Hi Corrie :) I love this book too! It’s so pretty…I fell in love with it immediately. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to knit something for my little girl who just turned two but I’m planning to make lots of things from it in the near future…do you also have Vibe’s “Labour of Love” (just for girls)? It’s beautiful xx

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