the last things to do before you have a baby

4 days to go and this  week has been about ticking the last of the things off my to do list. And they aren’t super exciting things either. Pretty boring things like buy slippers and granny undies for the hospital bag.  Get finn a new school shirt. Upload receipts for BAS. Organise wardrobes and clean house before MIL arrives. I am really hoping she doesn’t open some cupboards and wardrobes in the house. Toes have been done and hair is on Saturday squeezed in after a blood test. Because goodness knows when you’ll get time to get these things attended to with a newborn. And do you like my matchy matchy nightie and slipper combo? I love how much navy and white is in the shops right now as it’s my favourite colour combo……….

Finish a little cardigan and buy buttons for cardigan. Write thank you notes for the twins party. Wash and organise bassinet, sheets, blankets, wraps and the carseat. Reschedule therapy appointments, swimming lessons and things we won’t do next week. And more washing and cleaning. It’s been like a laundromat the past week as I try to get on top of it and all put away.

I love when people are telling me to take it easy………but I am. By the end of the day when the kitchen is cleared up after dinner and little ones have been bathed, I settle on the couch with my peppermint tea and everyone reads to me, I sign off reading journals and pick up my knitting. And try to stay awake until daddy comes home. But the real fun begins next week when a little newborn comes home from hospital with me…..we all know that is when I’ll really be busy. And I can’t wait……I’m so excited I might start counting down the hours………..


  1. Christie says:

    You make mothering sound so easy…..4 sleeps to go :)

  2. Christine Ross says:

    So exciting! Cant wait to see the new baby! All the best for next week.

  3. So exciting!! No matter how many you have that time just before the new baby is born always exciting! (Well I think it is anyway)
    In fact I think the more babies you have the more you treasure these precious and exciting moments.
    Good luck Corrie. I can’t wait to see your news!!

  4. LOL that only all comes together so well when you know when the actual delivery day will be. Good luck and looking forward to seeing the new bub and my bet is on a boy……

  5. Good luck with all your last days of prep. I love that time, yes I may feel HUGE and uncomfortable but there is something so delicious about preparing for a baby to come home and you can’t beat the sight of tiny little socks all hung in a row. I only wish my babies arrived on their due dates. Mine all came 10-14 days late….they never seemed to be in a hurry to leave. Take care Corrie xo

  6. So exciting – can’t wait to hear all the new adventures your little one will bring into your life. We hope that we are as blessed as you in the baby stakes. Good luck :)

  7. Gosh, thats come round so quick! Good luck! such an exciting time for you and your family. Lucky you have MIL to lend a hand. Take care, and we will look forward to seeing the new addition on here in due course. T x

  8. So exciting! You’re making me feel like having another!

  9. Sounds like you have everything under control, I can’t wait to ‘meet’ your beautiful new baby :)

  10. Exciting times! I’m currently awaiting the arrival of my new niece who will be here by this time tomorrow-hopefully!

    Wishing you all the best-love newborns!

  11. Corrie, I am reading your blog tonight from hospital! I gave birth to our third daughter on Monday. We feel so blessed with our three little girls!
    I giggled when I saw your slippers as they are the same ones I bought for hospital! Goodluck for next week.

  12. I hope all goes well next week for you and your new little baby. The time seemed to go so quick.Look foreward to your news.

  13. Lots of luck, hope it all goes well, looking forward to pics of new bubba xx

  14. I LOVE Sussans for pj’s! I am excited for you Corrie – you are super organised (you even managed to find some time to blog about it!). All the best – I’m looking forward to photos (and to see whether you come home with a boy or a girl!). xxx

  15. Hope all goes well with your new little bubs, I bet its a boy!! Can’t wait to hear your great news and some pic’s too :)

  16. Such an exciting time! Good luck Corrie, cant wait to hear of babys arrival xxx

  17. Good luck Corrie! Thinking of you every day in this exciting time and hoping for a peaceful and blessed delivery.

  18. As i know birth day will come now soon, i send you my warmest thoughts ! Please tell us once baby is born ! Thanks for your blog and best wishes to all your family

  19. Thinking of & praying for you & your family this week Corrie……particularly for strength for your MIL!! LOL

  20. Gorgeous nightie Corrie, reminds me of a Poppy Tunic! Had me clicking through to find out! All the best with birth, baby, hospital & everyone getting through this exciting time together, much love xo Shell.

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