weekend in front of the fire

Time is starting to run out for me as I get everything ready here at the house……and yet I still found time (quite a lot of time actually) to spend in front of the fire yesterday. Thanks to the rain, rugby and netball were both cancelled. Now we do have central heating in the house but unfortunately it stopped working and while we wait for a new part we are enjoying the fire. I found myself just sitting staring and listening to it and had a few little people nap on me as it was so warm and cosy………..unfortunately I can’t say that for the rest of the house.

And here I am at 37 weeks pregnant looking as comfy as comfy can be.

Good things happen when you sit still. Like craft. And so I finished the binding on my red letter day quilt and couldn’t be happier. It is so huge that I had to get in my big strong man to hold it up for me so I didn’t drape it on wet grass this morning. I’m very proud of this quilt as it’s probably the most complicated that I’ve done so far and I learnt how to do 9 patches and chain piecing with it.

Unfortunately I’ve lost my camera battery and have searched everywhere so as soon as the new one arrives early next week I’ll take more photos, some up close ones and I might drape it on a gate or two since I have a few now. I hope your weekend was just as relaxing as mine was.


  1. Susanna says:

    May I ask where you got your lounge from? It looks very comfy and I love the blue and white!

    • oh it’s ikea, it’s actually a black and white cover that I don’t think you can get anymore but the couch is great. I think they are called ektorp and very comfy!!!!!

  2. Melissa says:

    Oh, wow! It’s fabulous, well done!

  3. Sarah O says:

    Well done! What a gorgeous quilt and what a lovely sounding weekend.

  4. Looks beautiful Corrie well done :-) the fire place looks like a dream enjoy! I am getting excited for you not long to go till bubs arrives!

  5. Gosh that is an impressive quilt. It looks lovely and what a nice story for the baby to know that you made both them and the quilt at the same time :)

  6. Hi Corrie,

    How did you get the backing done? Did you have to piece a few fabrics together?

    • yes so I cut the fabric from the bolt I had here and did 2 big long pieces, I don’t take off the selvages but join them together about an inch or so in, trim the selvage off, press the seam and then I have one big huge backing fabric:)

  7. God bless the rain to give you a relaxing weekend!!! You deserve that and your quilt is a stunner!

  8. Hi Corrie. Congratulations on your rug, it is stunning! I have just clocked over to the 39 week mark. It is 2am and I can’t sleep so thought I’d check out what you were up to on the blog.:) You have some beautiful projects going at the moment. I am looking forward to seeing your baby announcement!

  9. Di Ross says:

    Well done you. The quilt looks great. Hope you can relax a bit more before the big day.

  10. Corrie, the quilt is beautiful. I just purchased the pattern, you have inspired me to give this one a go. Now can’t wait to get started…. Hope you get more days sitting and relaxing before baby comes. I started following your blog a week before Emmerson was born and it so exciting your having another one. I just love big families. Wishing you all the best over the coming weeks xxx Filomena

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