end of the holidays

Well our school holidays are coming to an end and today certainly made me realise that. Rugby was back on, then swimming, then netball was back on, volunteering at the Bunnings bbq for a few hours then more swimming lessons to round out the day. Uniforms need to come out again and our 3 lazy weeks at home are definitely looking like they are over.

And with that busy day I didn’t think I’d get any time to do anything myself. But…….it’s amazing what you can do in an hour between trips out – I had a load of laundry on the line, another in the machine and did some nine patches and finished the last of my red letter day quilt blocks.

and I love getting the last of the day’s light to get a few photos outside which are always nicer than inside at night on my dining room floor photos!

So I’m going to put the top together tonight and who knows……..I might just have this finished before school goes back. My goal was just to have it finished before the baby was born so I’m doing pretty well!


  1. Corrie, It looks like you will get there. Good job and the blocks are gorgeous and you have inspired me to get back into the sewing room. Take care in the coming weeks. Cheers, Trishxxx

    • oh do it! I’ve loved being back in mine and getting these done and I really thought it would take longer than it did! Thank youxxx taking it easy as I can

  2. Michelle says:

    I was wondering what range of fabric you used for your quilt

    • I used April showers by bonnie and camille for moda. There is also a bit if Denise Schmidt in one block and the yellow block is from other moda ranges :)

  3. The quilt is gorgeous Corrie. The yellow block looks better since you changed it. Adore the green block in the last photo. What is the fabric collection? So pretty!

    • thank you! I used april showers by bonnie and camille for moda for most of the quilt including the green one. I really loved it and is a nice mix of modern florals with stripes and dots and patterns:)

  4. Justine says:

    Looking beautiful Corrie! You’ve done so well to get this much done. Our school holidays are ending too and it’s sad to have them back on Monday. We finish off with my oldest son’s 7th birthday tomorrow so it’s a good way to end :)

    • lucky to get his bday in there just before school goes back! We’ve got till wednesday and I think they are eager to get back….3 1/2 weeks at home is a long time……..for everyone:) But I’ll miss our lazy days:)

  5. Judith Hogan says:

    What a beautiful quilt this will be when it’s finished. I hope it’s staying at your house and not being given away. We are still having summer holidays here in Canada, but unfortunately, the teachers are on strike in BC where I live, so school may not be going ahead in September. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the disagreements are settled soon as I have two very excited five-year-old grandsons (cousins, not twins) that are looking forward to their first day of school.

  6. Di Ross says:

    What a great job. Don’t you love Camille’s quilt patterns. I was so envious when you attended her course. Still have to decide which pattern I will start first . Love her swoon pattern. Three quilts to sandwich and quilt before I start another one. Rest up and keep well.

  7. Looks great!

  8. Your garden is gorgeous Corrie. I actually thought you were at a park first off. The quilt is looking fabulous. Keira seems to be walking quite well in her boot too.

    • oh the first photo is the park and the rest is our garden! and yep she’s doing great in the lighter cast and gets it off this week! woo hoo

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