baby socks are done

6 weeks to go and I’m starting to feel the pressure to get things done. Bassinet still needs to be washed, all the baby clothes need to be sorted and washed, cot sheets to be made, new bouncer, pack the hospital bag and have the house all organised and fully unpacked.

But at least I can say that I finished some hand knitted baby socks for the new baby. That is something.


I’ve officially entered that stage where I don’t want to really leave the house, just sit down and rest. Which is great if you want to get some craft done and snuggle time on the couch with the kids……..not so great when you have so many things to do. I had a bit of a panic yesterday when some braxton hicks contractions were getting a bit too uncomfortable and I needed to run a bath for myself. I never get in the bath (I run plenty of them but just never get in)  and that didn’t help but after an hour I was fine…and relaxed. It did make me get out a suitcase and start packing the hospital bag just in case anything happens early. But based on my track record it never does.


Pattern is Debbie Bliss baby socks on 2 needles, I used BC Garn which I love (oh this colour is a lovely one) and ravelry details are here.



  1. Nice cosy socks perfect for a winter baby. I could do with some in adult size too on this cold blustery day. Enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy, sounds like its going to go fast. Hope you manage to squeeze in some rest time. T x

  2. love this colour

  3. Gorgeous little socks, they’ll keep those beautiful little toes nice and toasty :)

  4. Gorgeous socks. I have less than 2 weeks till my baby’s arrival and I need to pack my hospital bag and wash the baby clothes but the bassinet is ready with freshly washed sheets and blankets. It’s such an exciting time but I’m feeling tired. Take time to put your feet up when you can Corrie. I hope the next 6 weeks aren’t too busy for you. X

    • wow 2 weeks you are so close!!!!!!!!!!!! everything gets done in the end and sometimes we work well under pressure. make sure you rest upxxxx

  5. I think you need to call in the big guns Corrie. Get some help in if you can for the next few weeks. You can sit back and get some rest which will be good for you and baby and you can direct your helpers on what needs to be done. Rest up Corrie and take care xo

    • thank you! we’ll get there, I always do but definitely need some rest time. at least we are on 3 weeks school holidays and I’m enjoying that! Thank youxx

  6. Here’s hoping that baby stays nice and cosy and doesn’t come early.

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