making tissue holders

Well the mother’s day stall is next week and in true last minute spirit I have been making tissue holders for the stall. I couldn’t find the old pattern I had used in the past but on pinterest found this video and loved it. It is so easy and if you don’t believe me then just watch the video. I love watching it all step by step like that and don’t you wish all craft projects came with a video.

I’ve put together a list of hints and tips so that you make them up in bulk like I have…..and will be still doing over the weekend.

1. Raid the supermarket, $2 shop and chemist for tissue packs. I cleared out my local woolies of their home brand tissue packs and am planning another trip up there tonight for some more.

2. Pick out fabrics in a range of colours and separate into 2 piles – 1 for outer fabrics and 1 for lining fabrics (which gives you the thin edge on either side of the opening). Now put your favourite fabrics/the more expensive ones in a pile for outers and the dots and other ones that will make cute linings on the other pile. I didn’t do this for the first batch I cut but worked it out pretty quickly when I had my favourite flower sugar pieces for the lining instead of outer.

3. Cut the smaller piece – 6 1/2 x 5 1/2 from your favourite pile – these will be the outer fabrics. I did a couple of layers at a time with a rotary cutter and a mat. If you don’t have one just cut out a paper template and pin to a few layers of fabric and cut. You could even use pinking shears and save on zigzagging later on. Do all of our outer fabrics at once then do your lining pieces the 7 1/2 x 5 1/2

4. Start sewing – I did all of the ends first so instead of sewing each tissue cover one by one I sat and did a huge batch of the ends and matching outer and inner fabrics.

5. Now iron them all and have them ready to sew. Again you are cutting down the time from sewing and getting up to the ironing board and sitting down again. Or if you’re into the ultimate butt and thigh workout then get up and down after each tissue holder.

6. Rope in the kids – they wanted to help in my house and were busting to open up the tissue packets and pop the tissues into the cases. Also you can have an hour of fun just letting them play with the sealed tissue packs – my littlest two were building buildings and running through the house seeing how many they could carry at once. But it’s all over once they can figure out how to open the tissue pack and start shredding tissues all over the floor. Which is what happened.

7. And voila you are done! When I ran a market stall I sold tissue packet holders for $5 each. Since this is for the school mothers day stall we are putting them with a packet of mum hankies for $5 and also putting in presents for more than $5 to bulk up a few gift packs and I think we might even do 2 for $5 in a little cello bag with ribbon as a little last minute item because $5 gifts are the most popular.


  1. I’m can’t wait to give these a go. Great for a last minute pressie idea xo

  2. Melissa says:

    These look gorgeous!!!! Hope you sell them all xx

  3. I want one Corrie. They are so beautiful. A gorgeous Mother’s Day gift idea. x

  4. I’m just making one to go in a gift pack for my mother-in-law for Mothers Day, thanks for the information, I hope they sell like hot cakes on the stall. Best wishes Wendy.

  5. They look sooo pretty. I have made them before but without the lining peeking out. It looks better your way. Might be a great beginner project for young sewists. Hope you have a great Mother’s Day and get a chance to put your feet up.

    • yes I’d never made them with the lining but it kept coming up on pinterest and once I saw the youtube I knew I had to make them!

  6. Love them, they look so sweet :)

  7. I might show Luce these now, then she’ll spot them at school!
    Very cute, love them x

    • yep we’ve put them in a few gifts with hankies and bracelets – if you don’t get one then I’ll make sure you get one later on!

  8. Nirvana Diab says:

    You did a fantastic job and I’m sure the kids will love them, thank you for your generosity.

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