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I often get asked to do a post on lunchboxes but I think my lunchboxes are a bit boring so why not get someone who is an expert on this subject………..The Organised Housewife! 

Thank you Corrie for having me guest post today. Hi I’m Katrina from The Organised Housewife. Over at The Organised Housewife I provide daily tips and ideas to keep my readers and their family organised. You can follow along on facebook where I give my community a task each day to help them clean around their home.

With three kids at school packing healthy and fun lunch boxes is an important part of our day. Now that the school holidays are coming to an end it’s time to start thinking about those lunch boxes again. There have been many lunch boxes over the years and along the way I have come up with many ideas on what to pack in a kids lunchbox to keep them healthy and happy. From how to choose the best lunch boxes to what to pack, there are a lot of ways to keep your child interested in their lunchbox food.

{The Organised Housewife} Lunchbox idea - Fish fingers and salad

Tips to choose a good lunchbox:

  • Stay Fresh – A box that will seal and keep an unwrapped sandwich fresh
  • Sections – Separate spaces to place different foods
  • Size – It’s not too big to fit into the kid’s school bag, or take up most of the space
  • To see our favourite lunch boxes for school lunches click here.

Tips for a healthy lunchbox:

  • Plan your kids lunch boxes in advance, taking them shopping for the food and encouraging them to make healthy choices.
  • Avoid packing processed and packed foods devoid of nutrients. Growing bodies and busy minds need real whole food that is fresh from nature and nutrient dense.
  • Make lunch interesting, giving them small portions of a variety of foods. By giving kids a variety of different foods, they’re more likely to consume more food groups and essential nutrients those growing bodies need.
  • For more ideas on how to pack a healthy and nutritious lunchbox click here.


Banana and Date Muffins


Apricot Balls


BBQ Flavoured Shredded Chicken


Planning lunch boxes is one of the easiest ways to ensure your child always has an interesting and healthy lunchbox for the day.

Lunchbox Planner

lunchbox planner



  1. Corrie, This is a perfect post in time for school resuming next week. As a teacher I see the extremes of healthy to unhealthy. There are many children whom, I believe, are hungry due to the lack of nutrition in their daily food-with too many snack items included. Besides being poor choices for growing children’s bodies and brains they are so expensive eg. a sugar rich fruit bar compared to the cost of a nutrient rich apple. It just takes a little planning and time to provide quality food each day for children. I will be making some of these healthy snacks to include in my own lunch box. Well done, great work as always.

    • I know! I remember one of my kids telling me how their friends had chips in their lunchbox! never made it into my kids lunchboxes and maybe that’s why mine are a bit boring:)

  2. great post!

    Thanks Corrie!

  3. This is just what I need. I’m trying to pack my kids some nutritious food that they will also eat (not easy to achieve both goals). My kids lunch boxes are already falling apart so I’ll definitely check out that link.

    • oh I am 100% behind the tupperware lunchboxes and any breaks or cracks you return that part and get it replaced. I even had to write down the website for a netball mum who wanted to know where I got the drink bottles – also last forever – so long as the kids don’t lose it. Nothing worse than a lost $20 lunchbox but I think in the long run it’s the cheaper option:)

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