Jamie Oliver’s Mothership Sunday Roast Lamb

I made my first ever roast lamb yesterday and it was a huge success. Some of you were very surprised that I had never roasted lamb before but being vegetarian for so long meant that there were more roasted vegetables and vegie lasagnes going into my oven over the years than roasted meats. And then I mastered the roast chook as well as salmon but lamb was something that I hadn’t even eaten until last year let alone cooked for the family. But I had my heart set on lamb roast for our Easter lunch and I followed Jamie Oliver’s recipe here and it was so delicious.

The only thing I adjusted was my oven temperature because my new oven gets a bit hot so I did it all in a 160 degree oven and it was perfect. It does take 4 hours which seemed like such a long time but it tasted so good and the gravy and the mint sauce (made from scratch too) were perfect. The recipe also includes instructions for perfectly roasted potatoes and some cabbage and bacon on the side too. All up it made for a delicious lunch and the kids asked me today whether I’ll be making it again this week.

Do you have any favourite lamb recipes? Send them my way……we might be having lamb on the menu!





  1. Oh that all looks so yummy! I love lamb. We have BBQ’d lamb fillets with mash, veggies and gravy or sliced and tossed with mixed salad leaves, tomato, cucumber, avocado, maybe some red onion and a dressing of balsamic and olive oil. Of course that’s a popular dish.

    One of my all time favourite lamb dishes however is Tava Cypriot baked lamb. I love that you can throw it all together quickly, it goes in the oven hours in advance and is impressive and delicious enough for guests. There are lots of versions online, this just happens to be the one I have used:

  2. Might go and check this out. I only cooked roast chook for the first time last year. I do lamb mostly.

  3. Corrie, I buy woollies marinated butterflied lamb and make wraps in my thermomix and have the lamb with some salad in the wrap. Always delicious!!

  4. Now I am no cook but I do an okay lamb roast! I score the outside of the roast and drizzle with honey and soy. Gives a yummy crispy coating which we “fight” over having on our plate! When camping we cooked a lamb over the spit and the cooks there rubbed garlic and olive oil over the lamb with rosemary sprigs inserted around the lamb. There is a couple of different ways that are both delicious. Glad you have discovered the lamb roast – yummy!

  5. Once upon a time, back in the dim past, baked leg of lamb was on the menu for many families for every Sunday lunch. Mint sauce, gravy, roast veges, fresh peas which had to be shelled. Then the ice-cream man would drive his van around and the sound of his ringing the bell would bring us out for ice-cream for desert.

    Chicken which came from the poultry farm down the street was an Easter treat.

    Slowcooked lamb is only one way of cooking it. It can be baked the same way as chicken. Leftovers from out Sunday roast would become shepherds pie on Monday and the bones would make stock in the winter. Lamb and barley soup is easy,tastes great and can have added veges. A cheap nourishing winter meal.

    Chops are great in many ways and a boned shoulder has very sweet tender meat for casseroles.

  6. One of my favourite recipes is Lamb Shank and Vegetable soup … cooked in the slow cooker, the meat becomes so tender and literally fall off the bone … yummy!

  7. We love lamb in this house. My DH recently built an outdoor wood fire oven (I’m sure that there would be room at your new abode for such a thing Corrie!!) and we cooked our leg of lamb, smothered with garlic, rosemary, mustard powder, lemon and salt and pepper on Easter Monday. The oven was so hot that he had to bake it near the entrance of the oven. It was so beautifully moist and juicy. What an absolute treat. I would love to have it more often:)

  8. I’m in shock! Lamb is a staple in our house!!
    You did a fab job, it looks yummy.
    I’m glad you have settled in, happy Easter. See you soon xxx

  9. Surprisingly I’ve never made a roast lamb before, looks good. I’ll check it out.

  10. I always have success with putting my lamb roast in the slow cooker. Put it in for 4 hours on high and then rest. I am very simple with it by just putting salt, pepper and rosemary over the top. Its always delicious and with the juices I put that into a gravy. I do the same for roast beef and silverside and the same applies….always comes out beautiful :)

  11. I find it difficult to believe it took 4 hours to cook a lamb roast. I have been cooking for over 50 years and have never taken that long. Did you cook it in an ordinary oven?I have been looking it up in my cook books to check, and it shouldnt take more than 2 hours. That is for a leg. Hope you find this helpful, Corrie. I like reading about your family too.

    • it was slow roasted! now don’t worry my grandma betty who was with us couldn’t believe us either and thought we were going to ruin it. But it turned out beautifully and the meat just falls of the bone.

  12. Occasionally we treat ourselves and buy lamb cutlets from the butcher and cook them that same night. They are just so sweet and yummy. They really don’t need anything else. We have been trying to buy most of our meat from our local butcher. We buy less but it has been better (in our opinion). We have also just invested in a Philips Airfryer. So far everything we have cooked in it has been really good. It has made my son excited about cooking as he can use it. Now that is a very good thing seeing as he eats so much. Take care Corrie. So glad you have found your forever home.

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