If I had to pick one debbie bliss book……

Another great question from a reader up on the blog today. Sarah asked if I had to pick one Debbie Bliss book (only one!) what would it be? Mmmmmm tricky question because I have a few favourites. First of all my all time favourite and go to book is Baby Knits for Beginners. So many great patterns and my favourite raglan sleeve cardigan is in there which is a gorgeous present for a new baby and a great unisex cardigan.

But I couldn’t just stop at one. Next I said it would have to be Essential Kids. I’ve made the party shrug and super cute doll from the book and it’s a great book for once you’ve moved past baby and toddler knits because your little ones are growing up.

Then I said…….well you’ve also got Simply Baby and Essential Baby and I have made the bolero more than a few times (Ravelry tells me I’ve made it 6 times!) from Simply Baby

And in the end my lovely reader Sarah picked up Essential Baby. Good choice.

And a little tip that I’ve shared before but will share again. If you’re umming and ahhing over a book just pop over to Ravelry. Put the authors name and book title into pattern search or just the book title will do and it should appear and then if you click on ‘view all    patterns’ then it will bring up most or all of the patterns in the book if you are lucky and you can see other people’s projects using that pattern. Very handy if you are buying a book over the net and haven’t flicked through it. Here is an example for Simply Baby.


  1. Some dangerous links there lol:)

  2. Great pictures and beautiful knitting.

    Debbie’s patterns are usually quickly added to Ravelry by users, which relieves some of the pressure on me. LOL

    If the books aren’t complete on Ravelry, we also have previews for many of Debbie’s currently available books on our website. We’re her distributor in the USA. In Australia you’d want to check the Prestige Yarns website.

  3. We just happen to have the book Baby Knits for Beginners checked out of our public library. My 11 yr old daughter is determined to make something for the new baby out of this book. There is so much to love about this book.

  4. I just picked up essential kids at Lincraft for $5.60 as they had storewide sale. I can’t wait to start on the boys vest. I love seeing your knitted creations. .

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