now I can share my knitting wish list

Well now that the cat is well and truly out of the bag I can share my knitting wishlist. One of the questions I often get asked when pregnant (and I’m sure every other pregnant lady out there too) is are you finding out what you’re having. For me that is a yes and I say because I love to craft for the baby. Now my dad and grandma prefer not to know and have always been that way.

One thing I’d love to make is a baby blanket. Something that is finished oh I don’t know…before the baby actually arrives. This basketweave blanket looks like a great simple pattern. Worked in 10 ply I’ll be able to use some of the Bendigo Luxury I’ve got here to make something sweet and having a winter baby means there will be plenty of trips in the car doing the school run so a blanket will be perfect. My aunty made this gorgeous blanket for Emerson that I’d love to use again as well.

Like sleeves for baby is a cute one I made for elodie and did the test knit for. It is now available to knit in the round and is super quick and super cute. I think this would look fab on a boy or girl just minus the bow.

I will definitely have to make another one of these Easy Baby Cardigans. Super fast and knit from the back bottom edge right over to the front bottom edge in one piece. Sew up the sleeves, pop on a few buttons and you are done. The pattern is from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts and like the title of the book really is a great last minute knit.


If it’s a girl then I’ll have to make a kina and I’d love to make this little Debbie Bliss Fair Isle Cardigan.

and I’ll definitely have to make a little puerperium, modelled here by emerson

and you can’t beat a raglan sleeve cardigan that goes with everything and keeps a little bub warm. I am in love with the Debbie Bliss raglan cardigan with fully fashioned shaping that is worth all of those ends and stitches.

Just when I thought I’d finished this post I put it out there on my facebook page – Kate mentioned a few and I realised that I’d left a few baby favourites off. Like the umbilical cord hat pattern which is super fast and easy to knit.

The milo vest by tiKKi which I made for emerson and loved.


and the in threes cardigan is another great one for babies. Nice and easy but I didn’t read the pattern properly so under my sleeves is slightly different to the pattern but let’s just call it a design feature.

When it comes to my favourite books for baby knitting you can’t beat Debbie Bliss Baby Knits for Beginners, More Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and Debbie Bliss Simply Baby and Essential Baby. Another lovely one is Vintage Baby Knits. To tell you the truth, I have loads of baby knitting books but these are the ones that I knit from most. And if you’re a beginning knitter then you just have to get the Baby Knits for Beginners as it really is fab and my copy is back from when I got back into knitting in my 20’s. And at the moment I’m really loving What to Knit When You’re Expecting by Nikki van der Car.

Emma asked for any great crochet baby cardigans? Ravelry has loads here and this cecily baby sweater looks super cute. I also love the Tiramisu blanket if you’re a crocheter. Have you got any suggestions for her because I’m a total knitter when it comes to baby wear and save my crochet for blankets which are easy. Mind you I did knit my first baby blanket last year for my little nephew and loved it. Ravelry details here.

What are your favourite baby knitting patterns? Here are a few that my readers suggested – Gwen suggested this one ‘Mini Lovey Blankie Menagerie’  and Kylie said the Western Hills Blanket and Bloom by tiKKi. I’d love to hear your favourites…………


  1. Lots of beautiful things over at Just Jussi’s site. Cute and practical and easy to knit.

  2. Lots of great choices. I knitted the dress from the Debbie Bliss baby knits for beginners. It is a great book to have:)

  3. Ooh, I’d love to see your sewing list for baby! I’m not a knitter but a beginner sewer and would love to test my skills on some baby items.

  4. Wow you’ve got a bit of a list happening there, hope you get some time to fit it all in! I am not a knitter, yet, but my Mum and Aunty do and they made my kids some fantastic things. You can’t go wrong with a raglan sleeve cardigan, they are so practical and easy to put on a wriggly bub. I always got so many comments of how beautiful they looked. And my 15mth olds favourite toy is her ballerina dolly knitted by my Mum, so cuddly and soft! Wishing you an easy pregnancy, so very exciting :-) Looking forward to seeing your projects.

  5. I am thrilled to hear your wonderful news- although with 3 children in this house I can’t possibly imagine doubling that!! I wish you the very best of luck. I have been following your blog for a few years now and absolutely love the look of the kinas. We live near Canberra and I know these would be the perfect addition to my 3 daughters’ wardrobes. Now that my youngest has just turned one, I decided it was time for action! I have spent the last week teaching myself to knit and the first thing I plan to make is 3 baby kinas! They wont look as good as yours, but hopefully they’ll be wearable!!

  6. I crocheted blankets for both my girls. My first one was my first ever blanket so it was a very simple stripe treble blanket with both pink and blue stripes as I didn’t know the sex. The second one I made was a was the check crochet rug in this patons pattern book. I did it in neutral colours, green, yellow and white as I didn’t know her sex either.
    Both blankets used 100% pure wool in 4 ply, which is a beautiful weight for qld weather!
    Since making both their blankets I loved the colours so much I ended up using all the leftovers and a few extra colours from the Patons Dreamtime range to make a large blanket for the family. We call it the ‘sharing blanket’.

  7. I love baby knitting, so quick and it’s so nice to have your babies in something handmade.

  8. They all look beautiful and now I’m wishing I could knit. My grandma knitted some beautiful blankets and beanies and scarves for my girls before she got dementia. They are definite keepsakes and will keep them for when my girls have their own children to use on their babies. My mum gave me knitted cardigans that I wore as a baby that were in perfect condition to give to my girls to wear. When abouts are you due Corrie and will that mean you wont be at Problogger this year? Have you ever taken one of your babies to a blogging conference? x

  9. Oh Corrie, I must admit the bit that excites me the most about your exciting news is the crafting!!! Can’t wait to see what you get done :)

    Congratulations to you and the family – what wonderful news, can’t wait to follow your journey and welcome baby when he/she arrives! x

  10. Oh my, so much gorgeousness to choose from! I’d love to have another little one to knit for, at least my sister is expecting this year and I can console myself by making something special for her :)

  11. Thank you Corrie, I’ve been looking for a simple knit to make for a friend’s new baby and I HATE seams, so now I can knit like sleeves… and she will love it. Hooray!

  12. Just the thought of attempting to knit has me in a spin. I really would love lessons one day. Maybe I can just watch you whilst we have a cuppa! x

  13. Congratulations Corrie! Those baby knits look gorgeous. The only time I really wished I could knit was when I had little babies. There’s something about a hand knitted item on a baby.

  14. Congratulations on your wonderful news (6 just happens to be my favourite number!)

    I’m currently working on my second Leafy Baby Blanket ( – it’s a free pattern, looks tricky but is super easy! And watching the leaves “grow” as you knit keeps you motivated :) I also love the in threes baby cardigan & Western Hills Baby Blanket (I just love chevrons!) that you’ve already mentioned.

    Happy knitting!

  15. Heartsdesire says:

    I love all those baby knitting patterns you’ve mentioned. Unfortunately, we’ve no babies in the family right now. Maybe a few new grand babies soon I hope. Nevertheless, I’m planning on knitting a few kinas and hats with leftover wool and perhaps giving them to a women’s shelter. I have so much wool, it’s unbelievable. Congratulations on your news. I knew you couldn’t stop at 5. I have four children (adults now) and enjoy wonderful relationships with all of them. I’m an only child and always wanted a big family.

  16. You and your family craft such beautiful items. Do they last so that your children’s children will be able to wear them?

  17. You’ve selected some lovely baby knit choices! Don’t forget the stunning Little Labyrinth patterns- gorgeous hats and of course Briar Bunny and Brambles Bear for snuggly times. Just totally adore her patterns!!

  18. Our growing baby will be a winter boy, so I’ve got some beautiful sock wools from Koigu, Skein, Mad Tosh etc to knit little 4ply cardis with. 100g gets me a 0-3mth cardi and a pair of booties. I like 4ply for my babes for layering. I’m going with simple top down cardigans, no pattern, I just cast on 62sts and go for it; it’s an old faithful of mine (8ply with the same numbers gives me a 12mth cardi!). I am about to start knitting the Little Squares blanket by Sweet Cakes on Rav. Another (deceptively simple) blanket that I have knitted in the past for my toddler is Jared Flood / Brooklyn Tweed’s Shale Baby Blanket; easy and it makes a beautiful heirloom piece. This is baby four for us, but luckily we’ve had an overlap with seasons ad sexes, so while I have a pile of the absolute must Bonds wondersuit (my babes all wore it like a uniform!), I have zero small boy woollens. So happy about that! It’s also why I’ve splurged on wool this time … what do you buy for a baby who needs nothing? Wool, that’s what!!

  19. What wonderful news, it is always exciting times when there is a new little person on the way. I love you knitting list, you will be very busy. Have you checked out, they have the cutest little knitted jumpsuit, I thought of you when I saw it

  20. So I haven’t been on FB for a few days and I haven’t read any blogs for a while also, ummm are you saying you are pregnant Corrie ? That’s two in two days I have heard about having a baby, one of my work colleagues told us yesterday his wife is 20 weeks pregnant which will be their first. I suspected something at our Christmas dinner as she is usually a BIG wine drinker and she was drinking water and mock tails… Although I didn’t say anything as they must have wanted to keep it quiet for a reason. I am so happy for them as they are expats (Japanese) and she doesn’t work and has no family here, her friends are other expat wives of our company.

  21. Oh congratulations! I can’t wait to see the baby knits you make for this new little one :)

  22. Congratulations Corrie on all your good news. You are in for an exciting year. Best wishes to you all. Love all the knitting pattern links above. Luckily I have a baby nephew to knit for.

  23. Congratulations on your happy news. I also have six children & each one has had a hand-knitted cardie & beanie to wear home from hospital….made by Grandma, not me, I can’t knit to save myself:)

  24. Congratulations! I think that pureperium vest is fantastic! I also think that little ones can never have too many knit hats. That’s what I always knit for newborns (and there have been a lot of them among my friends and family lately). xoxo

  25. Congratulations! I love all of the baby knits that you posted. We are having our 18-20 week ultrasound later this week and I already have my wish list. I have already made the puerperium and am almost done the tiramisu blanket. I love the milo, the kina and a whole slew of others on ravelry. You may also like the tiny trees vest, the composite and the maile sweater, all of which are on ravelry. Happy hooking.

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