weekend in wycheproof

Wycheproof, Victoria. A town I’d never heard of until I heard that my brother in law’s birthday party was going to be held there. I figured that with all of retro daddy’s brothers and sisters going and some of the cousins that it would be a fun road trip. It turned out to be a whirlwind trip but a great one. But the heat, oh the heat. No one saw that extreme heat coming when we were planning the trip. But let’s start at the beginning. Wycheproof. The smallest country town I’ve ever stayed in. Population just under 800. There are 2 pubs that you can stay at and one motel, a few shops, a hill, a public pool, church, school and I think that’s just about it. And the town’s claim to fame is being the only town in australia where the train runs through the main street. There you go, you learnt something new today.

We decided to break up our trip with a stop in bendigo. I may have influenced that overnight stay by adding a stop at bendigo woollen mills to the itinary. Slight change of plans when we discovered that the mills aren’t open on saturdays in january. We left home at 6am on friday and retro daddy was determined to get me there. After 5 stops before holbrook it was looking like I was just going to miss the 5pm closing time. Retro daddy suggested I ring and ask them to see if they could stay open a little longer. Um I don’t think that is how they work. So we got in the car at holbrook and focused on getting there in the 3 1/2 hours that it was supposed to take.

And we did. We pulled in to to the mills at 4.30pm, retro daddy went to put petrol in the car and came back and I was paying at the counter at 4.45. Is that woman on a mission or what. The car was telling us that the outside temperature was 48.5 and that back room was a little warm but there was some air con going. I was restrained filling a bag and conscious of what I already had at home and not being that lady that has a room full of wool that she will never get through. The find of the day was the Harmony in pale pink which I’ve been a bit jealous of other knitters having on ravelry. Feeling very happy with my 400g of it there in the bag. Now the back room is bigger than last time and had another section to the left of me as I was taking the photo and then had 2 more walls of wool behind me and to the right of me. So if you’re into knitting or crochet then this is your place. You need to go. You can read about the last time I went there here.

We picked a great hotel for kids in Bendigo, Quality Inn All Seasons (not the 4 seasons, don’t get too excited). The kids gave it 5 stars as it had a big pool, playground and loads of beds in our family room. There was also an xbox in the room and 2 big tvs. You walked in and had a double bed and a sofa bed then walked through to the 2nd room and there were 2 singles, another sofa bed and another double. Plenty of room for us. Room service was very reasonably priced with the kids meals at $9 including lemonade and ice cream. We weren’t leaving the room in 40 degrees heat so room service it was. You can also have a hot buffet breakfast for $17 a person and under 4’s are free. We chose the pool over breakfast and spent some time in there before checking out. What I want to know is how can you only be in one place for one night and still take an hour to pack up and find things under beds, under desks. It was like the kids had spread everything out all over the room!!!

A trip to Bendigo for me always involves Beechworth Bakery. I’ve always had a great visit there and was so excited to have a vanilla slice, unfortunately it was a bit disappointing with an overcooked base that we couldn’t eat, rock solid from being in the fridge too long and a dirty cup for my peppermint tea with the chocolate left on from someone else’s cappuccino. We had to take it back and get a new cup. Thankfully the other country bakeries that we visited on our trip did not disappoint – especially Holbrook Bakery. Yummo to their pasties, sausage rolls, huge salad sandwiches and range of slices. We had a great visit there and also in Charlton too. Oh and there was another small town that we visited for a bit of country bakery goodness too. It beats McDonalds but I did come home wanting a bit of fruit and salad for a few days. I might be all pastried out if that is possible…..this was one of the good vanilla slices from our trip. Mmmmmm.

Bendigo to Wycheproof is about 1 1/2 hours and took us 2 hours. We were there at 2pm and it was hot. Man was it hot. The party wasn’t starting till 7.30 so we figured we’d take all the kids to the pool. But everyone was tired and cranky and it was just so hot. So we sweated it out in the motel………the next morning we were freezing cold as the temperature drops over night. Someone put this face on for the camera to sum up the mood of the room and I think they need to rough it a bit more.

The party was just a great big old country party at the back of the pub. Kids running around, adults talking, a few babies, bar, big hot roast for dinner, country music blaring from the speakers (think Johnny Cash, Slim Dusty and so on), mozzies, speeches, grandma jill wrote a song for the birthday boy and sang it and then we did the family tradition of holding hands and getting in a big circle to sing happy birthday. Retro daddy grew up with that tradition and we still keep it alive in our little family at every birthday too.

I left the party at about 10.30 with all the kids and fell asleep in between these two. When I had to get up to get ready in the morning I let them snuggle. So cute. I had to take a pic didn’t I. Retro daddy went back to the party for a bit of heel and toe polka and to enjoy the party. And I hear there were still some partygoers when we were leaving town at 6am the next morning.

If you’re ever in wycheproof the motel is super clean and right next to the pub where I had the best roast pork I’ve had in a long time. I think the motel had better accommodation than the hotel but it’s been a long time between budget motels for me and the kids. It’s not noosa. Get that air con going as soon as you get there and try to go on a weekday when things are open. There was nothing but a small shop where we could buy ice blocks open on saturday afternoon but I’m sure there is more action during the week. 

We drove home again in one day, in the car at 6am, 50 million stops for toilets, snacks and stretching legs and got home just after 6.30pm. The car looked light someone had thrown fries, biscuits, crackers and grapes around in there and had a party. So one of our first jobs was emptying the car and giving it a good vac so we could use it this week. It was bad. Oh and all those bugs stuck to the windscreen. But we did it. Almost 2000kms in 3 days, saw all the family, visited the woollen mills, got the kids out of the house and a mini holiday and are now safely back home enjoying the cooler temperatures and our own home. The end.

Ever been to wycheproof or stayed in a small country town? It was an eye opener for me, it certainly wasn’t out of the pages of Country Style but as we were driving back into big old dirty sydney I was missing the country already.


  1. cec maher says:

    ah you had fun ! sounds like a lovely place and the old saying is “you will never never know if you never ever go ” !!!

    • yep! now I really know what my SIL meant when she said she was living in a small town because her town is even smaller! I was just like oh ok but now I’m like OK, I get it! yep I know:) :)

  2. We live in a town of 600 people, so can totally relate. When we go away we always have to factor in that coming home on a Sunday means nothing will be open to get milk etc. sounds like you had a great trip.

    • yep, we got an email from my SIL telling us that the store closes at noon so bring what you need and put petrol in too as no where to get petrol:) :)

  3. Oh Corrie! What a trip! Was Retrodaddy a truck driver in a former life?! My brother actually is an interstate trucker so you can imagine their family trips, they drive to WA from Gippsland in some ridiculous time with two kids lol. I know Wycheproof and that part of Victoria pretty well, our besties live in Boort, and we have lived in Boort for a few months at a time as Matt helps with harvest, about four months of our 15 month honeymoon was spent in the height of a Mallee summer. I can assure you that you got the end of the heatwave – Charlton was hottest place in Victoria earlier in the week! That dry inland heat is a killer though. I have to agree that I’m generally always disappointed with Beechworth bakery, so commercialised and chain-like now. Charlton bakery is a winner! Glad you got to BWM, I will be back at some point to stock up for some serious crocheting for our Winter bub xxx

    • giving it a wide berth and going for the smaller bakeries which were much nicer and had better food!!!! Learnt our lesson. Hope you get to the mills, love bendigo and hoping to take some of the knitters in the family down there for a trip:) :)

  4. Oh and I had to laugh at your ‘small town of 800’ lol We live an hour from town (supermarket, doctor etc. and three hours to Spotlight – the horror!)…I think our community out here has a total of about 8?! …and they all work for the company we do haha.

    • the funny thing was that we saw no one in the town, no one on saturday from the time we got there till the party and then the hotel was packed and all these people started coming in so I guess everyone meets at the pub:) :)

  5. Oh Corrie you were so close to where we live. We live in Manangatang which is a grain growing region not much further North of where you were. A small country town with a Take Away shop, a country Pub, two Ag supply shops, a Garage, a Pharmacy Depot and a small Hospital and that is about it. Population less than 300. My husband and I both grew up here and then moved away after school. My family owned the Hotel and my husband’s family were farmers. We moved back here for my husband to work on the farm after our first child was born 7 years ago and now I can’t imagine living anywhere else. While we definitely lack in the shopping department (and I love to shop) it is a fantastic lifestyle in the country. We have so many good friends here and our children can play outside in the fresh air all day and ride their bikes and motorbikes and explore the bush. I love that when we decide to have a BBQ and invite the neighbours over for dinner we end up with 50 people for dinner as they are all friends and you can’t decide who to invite without leaving anyone out. I am planning my first ever trip to Sydney next month for the Life Instyle event, so think of the little girl from the bush getting lost trying to navigate her way around a big city! Please keep up the fantastic job you are doing. I love reading everything you write. And you never know, you may end up living that country dream one day!

    • Oh I’d believe that, people were so friendly wherever we went and I had a little laugh at country accents too as I think you can spent too long in the city. We had a great stay and now my kids really know what the country is like. I did have to notice that as we were driving into sydney everyone’s houses were so close together and it seemed like the cars were almost going to hit ours as they were so close. I could definitely see myself in the country but I think a bigger regional town and a bit cooler might be the ticket. Have a wonderful trip to sydney:)

  6. Been to Wyche many times, country Vic is wonderful!

    • see I love that people are calling it wyche and I was like where are we going, I’ve never heard of it. Must be because I’m from nsw and country vic has always been echuca or bendigo for me:) :)

  7. Such fun! Where are you going next weekend now that you are expert road trippers? Had to laugh about your pack up. We always used to pack up everything and everyone in the car and then my husband would return for the “final room sweep”

    Do tell…. are those pics of the kids and retro daddy playing What’s the time Mr Wolf?

    • oh yes what’s the time mr wolf was a popular one:) :) yep I do the once over and then retro daddy checks under beds and checks everything after me!

  8. Know that area well Corrie, my parents live nearby (60 odd Kms) near Quambatook. Saturday is usually taken up with sport, not lattes or shopping. It was tennis/cricket in summer and footy/netball in winter. And then yes, we met at the pub afterwards. Oh that’s after all the Catholics went to church. Loved it, still do when I get up ‘home’. If people ask ‘where are you from?’ I always say I live in Melb but are from Quamby. And 9 times out of 10 they say the have been, or know someone or something similar. Oh and Whyche had the best B and S balls in my day. Glad you had good adventure.

    • yep it’s a different life from the city:) :) it’s funny listening to my SIL who married a dairy farmer and she’d talk to someone she’s just met and they’d know the same people and farms so it’s definitely a small world out there. must be great to go back. We had a great time, thank you:)

    • I love this comment, my parents still live in Quamby, only about 150 people live there now which is sad, I could never move back there but I love taking the kids and visiting on the weekends…

  9. Wow what a trip! And especially in that heat! Pity about your vanilla slice – there is nothing better than a super yummy vanilla slice! Good on you guys surviving your big road trip! xx

  10. I can reassure your readers that my town of Bendigo has many, many better options for coffee and dining than The beechworth bakery chain and All seasons room service, hope you get to enjoy some of them another time!

  11. Corrie, that was fun reading about your trip away. I used to live in Barham and the bakery is the best ever ever!! Country towns are wonderful to live in but there are always down sides too. Oh! I can imagine what the car looked like when you got home. Cheers

  12. raina babos says:

    I have rellies in charlton I love it there. Will be heading to there and st arnaud in early feb. can’t wait!

    • oh I loved the main street and loved some of the houses, we took a drive around to settle one of the little ones and some gorgeous houses! hope you have fun

  13. There is no get together that beats a country pub get together! No pretences, relaxed, and soul filling food! And even with the life sucking heat you still had a great time with family! And there is nothing that equals a long road trip with a car full of kids!! The toilet/behind the tree stops – something you never forget but it does make you really appreciate the 2 adult car trip when the kids are all grown!! As long as you only have to travel about an hour to the nearest ‘big’ town the little town living is nice; and I don’t think you would find anywhere that is actually ‘cooler’ at this time of the year in the country – the temps reach these peaks for a few weeks every year – I cannot comprehend how hot and hard it must have been for previous generations with out all of our mod cons!

    • yes thankfully we didn’t have any stops by the side of the road this trip:) :) I don’t know how they did it without cars and aircon. I’ve never been in such heat but it makes you appreciate air con:) :)

  14. Next time you come we make it in the cooler weather and when everything is open. We could get up to lots of adventures. Glad you enjoyed the party, We often go to the pub but hadn’t entertained there, it turned out really well. The birthday boy had a terrific night.
    Its different living here than the city (I get freaked out by how close everything is in the city now too). Having to be organized with groceries due to distance and store opening hours is interesting too. We have a well stocked freezer! Lack of quality shops is probably the thing I miss most living here. Oh and the family!!!! Ooops..
    I wish we could have organized a freight train to go through town for the kids, it’s quite a sight. Did you drive up the worlds highest mountain? I forgot to ask.
    Glad you all got home safe and sound. Planning our trip to Sydney for the next 40th…….. Tell J he can borrow the music playlist if he likes.

    • hahaha it was such a great party!!!!!! We were wondering whose birthday is next:) we had a great time and thanks for having us and next time it’s in the 30’s here and the kids say it’s hot I’ll say this isn’t hot, remember country victoria, now that was hot!

  15. It sounds as though you had a fantastic weekend Corrie, and that heat was horrible all week. I love BWM too and I love the back room as you always find something that isnt on the website. Charlton was where my hubby was working last year after the floods they had repairing houses. We stayed for a weekend and it was so strange to see that everything closed up so early, takes a bit of getting used to like the old days. My dad would have loved the birthday party with Slim Dusty and Johnny Cash playing as we used to listen to that when we were growing up too. I hope your all in better weather now.

    • oh the mills are the best! I hope to visit more regularly as the stuff is just so good, the prices too and you never know what you’re going to get. I just didn’t have time for photos this time as was so rushed! we are much cooler now thank you

      and I don’t mind a bit of johnny cash and slim dusty when I’m in the country:) just adds to the ambiance:)

  16. Glad you had a great trip looks like a lovely family holiday to remember! What beautiful photos. That Vanilla slice looks yummy nothing beats going to a bakery with lovely pastries makes me want one now :-)

  17. Karen Manche says:

    That’s a trip down memory lane! We went to a wedding there about 17 years ago. The reception was in a huge marquee on my friend’s property. I couldn’t believe how flat it was … apart from the mountain :) Thankfully it was October so not so hot. We were driving alongside a flock of Emus who were keeping pace at one stage. Amazing countryside. So vast.

    • oh was it flat!!!!!!!!! I think nsw is much more hilly don’t you? how funny. I honestly hadn’t heard about it but now I think I can remember all of the little towns we passed through and it was kind of sad when towns were bypassed in nsw I thought what a shame because I enjoyed driving through them all.
      lucky you went in october……….

  18. What a mammoth weekend trip!
    Last year, we stayed at Currarong, down the south Coast of NSW , it was more like a little village than a town. It had 3 shops on the main drag and a bowling club. I have found that country towns do have surprising food finds, one of the best chinese meals we’ve ever had was in Cobar of all places!

    • now how funny is that because I don’t expect the best chinese in Cobar!
      It was such a good roast on saturday night that I’m now trying to find a great roast pork recipe to try and make at home with gravy and the works. You can’t beat country towns and hospitality:)

  19. my Grandfather was the blacksmith in Wycheproof many years ago and boy did he get up to some mischief! Loved hearing about your whirlwind trip…

    • oh wow!!!!!!!!!!!! how funny is that, what a small world. I bet he did. Another reader said they had the best B&S balls. Actually as you drive through the main streets of the country towns I could imagine what it was like 50 or 100 years ago just bustling with people. A different world. I loved hearing that today, thank you!!!

  20. wow you certainly went out of your way just for some wool! must be good!

    • well we went to the party via the wool so there was a reason to go via there:) plus I’m a long time and devoted customer so it’s important to stop by and support them:)

  21. We recently had to travel to central Qld Driving time one way is about 24 hours. Population is about 80. One pub, one shop/petrol station Post Office and Council Office.
    Accommodation was a swag on the ground. Temp was 40+ and if we were lucky it got down to 25.We had to stay a week. When we left home it was 16 and raining

    • oh boy, a swag, now that really is camping! hats off to you. It’s raining here in sydney today and much cooler and I’m liking it. I’ve never been in such heat so it certainly tested us but makes for a great story and the kids were part of it.
      thanks for sharing

  22. Bernadette says:

    What an adventure! I remember going out to country Victoria many years ago heavily pregnant with my oldest (now 24!) and thinking i was going to expire when we got out of the car….it was so hot. Totally agree with you about the Holbrook Bakery. I stopped there last year on my way too and from Sydney. The BEST salad rolls and pastries that we had the whole trip. We still talk about the vanilla slice! Thank you for sharing your whirlwind trip! Planning a trip to BWM when I am next on the big North Island.

    • Oh yes Holbrook bakery got the big thumbs up from us and retro daddy and I were talking about how great the salad sandwiches were back in the car:) :) I do love a country bakery
      hope you get to the mills soon, such a great place and something for every knitter and crocheter to tick off their to do list
      thank you

  23. Whata brilliant quick trip! I particualry love your photo of dad with all the kids

  24. Laurelle C says:

    Sounded like fun and reminded me of our 4 week road trip with the five kids aged 4 to 13 from Melbourne through central Oz all the way to Katherine and Darwin to stay with my brother. Wow we stayed in some dodgy towns on that trip and were also forced to hire two rooms on a few occasions in order to fit us all in. We had a voyager with dvd player which was a life saver but had to have a few spew buckets handy for my poor kids that inherited the car sick gene from me. You know what they all remember the trip with fond memories and even though it’s expensive ( mine got use to sharing drinks when we stopped at bakeries to keep costs down ) and tiring it’s totally worth the effort . They will never forget Ayers rock, Cooper Pedy, Katherine Gorge, Kakadu Darwin etc.And yes the car was trashed by the time we got back :) Start them young as all of mine still love coming away with us, camping and two years ago we all went to thailand when the oldest was 19! I am actually looking forward to the day when it’s just my Hubby and me on a trip :) Love all your photos and your kids are gorgeous ! enjoy as they grow up so fast. Geez I sound so old but I’m only 46 :)

    • I’m nodding my head here! yes to the dvd players, sharing drinks and sausage rolls (it was 3 sausage rolls between 5 kids), plastic freezer bags for vomit which happened 1 hour out of sydney and two rooms in the motel because we were too big for their family room
      but it’s all about making memories and I knew that as soon as we got home they’d all be asking when are we going back again
      it was lots of fun and I hope we can do it again……love to hear that your family are still travelling, it’s hard work but worth it!
      thank you and you don’t sound old!!!!!

  25. Hi Corrie, Love that you were so committed to getting to Bendigo Woollen Mills, I am exactly the same. I am now there only Melbourne stockist, this idea came out of my love of visiting them and just new it should have a cafe as well for all of the weary travellers, so that is what I have done. Unwind Craft Cafe will open this week, if you are ever in Melbourne it is in Keilor East just 10 mins from the airport, pop in and have a coffee or Devonshire tea, while you pick up your next supply, I would so love to meet you, I have followed your blog for such a long time, check out the Facebook page Unwind Craft Cafe. I also agree the Beechworth Bakery has become to commercialised, the best bakeries are the little country town ones. Love that you were so committed to that trip, well done.

    • oh wow how exciting! well we try to get to melbourne each year so I will definitely have to try to visit you! how exciting and good on you for doing something that you love!!!! thanks robyn and yes country bakeries are what I’m sticking to

  26. Hi Corrie,
    What a wonderful trip and you’re right, the kids absolutely love it. We have 4 and did a quick trip (though not as quick as yours!) to Echuca on the June long weekend last year and it was a blast. Funnily enough they have a Beechworth bakery too:) I’m not sure if you have ever been to Nundle but it’s lovely small town of about 400 people about 40 minutes out of Tamworth. We have just come back from a trip up there, we take our caravan to the dam just out of Nundle and it is so wonderfully relaxing. I know there is a house there that you could rent that would fit you all in http://nundle.com.au/accommodation/rose-and-willow-cottage/ I haven’t stayed there, but have been past and it looks lovely. And Nundle has a woollen mill too, with a back room. Not as large as Bendigo, but still lovely to have a look around. Also out of 4.5km out of Nundle there is a Patchwork shop too, so there is plenty to keep you happy. Oh and lovely cake and craft stall of a Saturday morning. It is great to get out and about with the kids and it’s amazing the parts that they remember.

    • that is so funny because I was dropping hints that nundle would be a great place for a next trip, I love that area up there and would be great to take the kids. My mum did her masters at une so many a trip was made up there when I was growing up….so cold in winter though:) :) thanks for the tips, now I really want to visit

  27. were currently living in germanry for a few years and i laugh when i read “2000km in 3 days” the germans would die at the thought of this!! they think going 15 km out of the centre of the city to where we live in the suburbs is far!!!! feeling a bit jealous of your big road trip…reminds me of home :)

    • oh yes in australia you can travel a long way just to get somewhere! and we don’t drive as fast as they do on the autobahns if I’m correct:) :) it was definitely a great big aussie road trip:)

  28. Wow I am exhausted for you! We have not done a road trip like that with our 2, I can’t even imagine with 7 in the car! Hats off to you. We even find flying east for a holiday is hard work with the 3 hour time difference. We are just planning our long weekend, but it won’t involve that sort of driving!

    • it was hard work and I couldn’t have done it without the dvd players! we had 4 set up in the back and it worked a treat! mind you none of the dvd cases have dvd’s in them so I need to hunt around for them all

  29. Sounds fun, but exhausting! That photo of Elodie and Emerson is absolutely beautiful. Glad you got to go the wool mill.

    • oh I know! they were so cute all snuggled! usually they fight over who will lie next to me or they roll over each other but for 1 hour they just snuggled in. Was adorable.

  30. Charlotte E says:

    It sounds like you all had a great little adventure and lucky you getting some woollen goodies on the way. My SIL used to work at the All Seasons in Bendigo and they put on some great weddings. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of Wycheproof either but I probably would have guessed that it was quite a lot like the place you’ve actually described.

    • yes you’ve got to love turning a whirlwind trip into a build the stash trip too:) it was a great place to stay and the kids have decided they could stay a week:)

  31. Elisha Ross says:

    We unfortunately had our car break down half way between wycheeproof and boort of all places. It was 30 degrees and 2 kids under 2. Only a milk truck past us in the entire time of 45 mins before help arrived from charlton. It could have been longer if not for the stern persistence from my hubby that the road side people send a hire car with the tow truck against their policy. We made it home and I can say I’ve been through wychee. A real old school looking country town. I wanted to look at the statue, sculpture looking place. Next time perhaps. Awesome summary of your trip.

    • oh nooooo! we passed a few signs for boort:) you’d never forget those town names. Love cars but hate then when they don’t work. It sure was an old school town and I would have loved to walk along the street in cooler weather and when shops were open:) :)

  32. What a roadtrip in a short space of time!!! I’m very impressed! We do lots of driving with our kids (is the way when you live in the country like us) & I’m very envious that you got to try all those local bakeries – we have to stick to McDs most of the time, due to Miss As allergies, which sounds ridiculous but is true!

  33. Oh Lovely! We lived in a Rural Remote tiny town in outback NSW for three long years as a posting for my policeman husband. I arrived with a three week old newborn, my first baby… and was about 10 hours drive away from my nearest relatives, and my Mum!!! Our town had no bakery, no coffee shop, but it did have a butchers and a tiny IGA. I wouldn’t trade those years for anything, but I sure do appreciate having the facilities of living back in a more populated area! Especially the medical facilities!

  34. A lot of effort but a lot of fun. That’s what memories are made of.
    btw … I think Beechworth Bakery, whilst still nice, has become more of a tourist attraction now and has lost its quaintness.

  35. I love the fact that Retrodaddy floored it to Bendigo so you could get your wool! What a great husband :)

  36. Hot, sweaty car trips are what childhood is all about. All you were missing was someone getting car sick.

  37. What a trip!
    We’ve done that same one many, many times. My in laws live in Holbrook, so the kids have climbed all over the submarine and yes, the Holbrook bakery is fantastic, we pop over there every trip after Mass on Sunday morning. Vanilla slices, my ultimate fav, always has been (but not cream on top, has to be passionfruit icing. )
    That was disappointing about the Beechworth bakery, but i know what you mean. On our last trip there it was so crowed that we didn’t even bother! But the lolly shop, bee shop and the French linen shop were definites. Did you get to them?
    My BIL is in Yackandandah, been there? Gorgeous little town too, definitely worth a look.
    Anyway pet, it’s past midnight and i must hit the horizontal.
    Lovely to read about your fun x

  38. Up until 2010 I lived in a town of around 300 (with pets lol) on the victorian/new south wales border. No petrol, no shops and only one pub that I wouldn’t have stayed at if you paid me! Great to visit, boring as anything to live in especially with 4 children :(

  39. My younger sister was born in wycheproof! And we grew up in Charlton.
    Now I live in north East Victoria just out of Wangaratta near the freeway, so you would have pretty much driven right past my house!
    Next time stop by the woollen mills in Wangaratta too, they’re great!!

  40. I Loved this story Corrie. Good to experience a little country town. If you love vanilla slices you need to visit the Crème Patisserie in Bermagui, on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales. They have the very very best vanilla slices and the weather is always beautiful…. very rarely too hot here.

  41. Hi Retro Mummy,
    I just stume across your post… And it certainly made me smile, because I live in Wycheproof or ‘Wyche.’
    You have a lovely family. Best wishes

  42. My family originated up there and i spent my childhood visiting relos in wycheproof quite regularly. It really is a fabulous place and you didn’t even get to mount wycheproof, australias smallest mountain.

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