I made a dress

Well it’s been a long time between sewing projects around here. But a new delivery of fabrics had me searching through my patterns for something I could whip up in a day and add to elodie’s wardrobe. Once upon a time I made so many of keira’s clothes but then our family grew so quickly and so did this blog and I just don’t get as much time in front of my sewing machine as I’d like. Oh and there are competing crafts of course, that doesn’t help. But I know I’m not alone.

This is a great little pattern with some cute variations. The pattern is McCalls M4814 and I had the size 1-3 so I could cut out the size 3 and use it for elodie. It’s probably a tad too big but I prefer to make them a bit bigger to grow into.

I made a mistake with the bodice and should have done it differently but I’m still happy with the way it turned out and will blame that on being a bit rusty in reading sewing pattern diagrams. And let’s call it a design feature and just making it my own.

She loves it and that is all that matters. The fabric is from Rosalie Quinlan Candy Bloom and I’ll be selling some soon as I can photograph it all and get it up on the internet.


  1. I cant even pick the “design feature”, too busy looking at the sweetness of Elodie and the lovely colours of the fabtic!

  2. Yay you for managing to find the time to sit at your machine long enough to finish it!!! It’s a gorgeous sundress and if Elodie likes it, it’s winner!!

  3. A lovely summery dress for a lovely little girl. Thanks for sharing the name of the fabric too.

  4. Sweet dress and fabric Corrie. Love the first picture of Elodie especially. xo

  5. Just beautiful. Perfect for your gorgeous girl. X

  6. Love seeing your sewing projects Corrie! She looks awfully pleased with her new dress :)

  7. Gorgeous. You don’t have to announce the errors… as errors. Just describe the unique way you created the bodice to showcase the gorgeous fabric. We won’t know the difference!!!! She looks lovely and I agree make stuff big… my kids stomped around in boots a size too big for that reason.

  8. Corrie, What a beautiful dress for such a beautiful little girl.

  9. Oh Elodie looks gorgeous in her new dress!
    You make beautiful dresses, it must feel nice getting back to sewing them :)

  10. Such a cute wee dress, love it and well done on creating it! :)

  11. What a stunning dress! Gosh Elodie is just such a beautiful little girl! xxx

  12. Very pretty. Love your blog, it may interfere with sewing time but it’s providing lots of pleasure for others. Thank you.

  13. Oh cute! It looks so cool and comfortable.

  14. Gosh Elodie is growing up so much. She looks so beautiful in her new dress – you did a beautiful job :)

  15. Love the photo’s of Elodie, such a beautiful little girl xx

  16. Gorgeous dress….gorgeous girl!!

  17. How beautiful is that first photo?!?!

  18. Linda Mason says:

    Oh how beautiful

  19. Oh, it’s a gorgeous dress, and what a cute little model :)
    My goal for 2014 is to get my sewing mojo back so tahnks for giving me the motivation to get back into it

  20. Would a gorgeous dress thanks for providing pattern will go and purchase! The fabrics you use are just beautiful I’m excited you will be selling this fabric.

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