and so the blanket grows

One of the best things about school holidays is the break from routine. No driving everyone around, no set time we need to be out of the house and no activities. It’s all pretty nice around here. And I’ve been using that time to get some crochet done. Craft is something I always try to make time for each day but just don’t get around to it as often as I’d like.

The pattern is the very popular Granny Stripe pattern by Attic24. I had been loving it on Mel’s blog one crafty mumma and knew I needed to break from the usual granny square blankets and make one. And it is soooooo easy. And if you’re after something a big different, Purl Bee has this fun one which looks great in modern colours.

This blanket is eating through my cotton stash….in fact I think I might need to go through all of my yarn tubs and dig deep to finish it off and break my no more buying craft supplies rule to get a bit more to finish it off. I’ve successfully substituted in a bit of spring cotton in the cream so I could keep working on the blanket since I ran out of cream cotton. So far so good.

I would definitely make a little practice version with say 21 chains just to get the right feel and tension. I would also take the advice of some of my lovely readers and use a bigger hook for your first colour otherwise you’ll end up with a growing blanket that is growing in all directions. Trust me. I did 4 colours then had to start again because it was looking like a semi circle.

Oh and check out this gorgeous colour combination if you are more of a rainbow blanket person. Gorgeous. And if you’re going to use Bendigo Cotton which has the tendency to stretch then think about a 3.75mm hook rather than a 4mm. It’s working up beautifully. And I’m weaving in ends as I go. Not looking so beautiful from the back but I’ll make it pretty in the end.

And set out your colours in a pattern first (just line up the balls) rather than realising after you’ve worked your first set of colours that something isn’t working. I just picked these colours from the stash and wanted to make it girly, fresh and colourful.

And if you need some inspiration just put granny stripes  into ravelry and see how many projects there are. It sure is popular…………………………….


  1. Oh Corrie – I LOVE it!! The colours are so perfect together. Amazing!!

  2. It’s looking gorgeous and I love cotton blankets for summer sleeping. Your a good on for getting into projects and finishing them…I bet you have enough supplies to last you a lifetime or two :)

  3. Corrie, I apologise for hijacking comments but I have a question about knitting with cotton. I’ve used Bendigo and other dear brands but that was mostly for bags where exact size, tension etc did not matter.

    After some weeks being ill, my youngest granddaughter, Miss M, nine years, was diagnosed yesterday with leukaemia after being admitted to Westmead Kids on New Years Day. She was put immediately on to steroids and some mild chemo but they said all hair would be gone in three weeks. More chemo to follow after steroids and possibly for the next two years. She’s looking forward to curly regrowth.

    I’m feeling useless here but I can knit. It’s still summer, so I’m thinking 4 ply cotton. Do you find that the cotton translates from patterns for wool OK? I think 8 ply is a bit hot right now. Or do you find you have to adjust needles etc. Yes, I know I will need a swatch but thought some ideas from someone who often uses cotton would be a help. My mind is currently all over the place.


  4. Oh Jan I am so sorry to hear that! that poor girl and she is so young:( I’m going to keep her and your family in my prayers.
    I would easily substitute the 8 ply wool for cotton but I tend to knit the next size up if I’m nervous about size. Just use a 3.75mm needle for the 8 ply and if I was using the 4 ply you should be ok with a 3 or 3.25.
    I’m so sorry and if there is anything I can do just let me know
    take care

    • Thank you Corrie for the prayers. We appreciate them greatly. Lots of prayers from all over the world and on church prayer lists and a RAV group I am on plan on arranging cards to her. A few a week. I’ll get some more Bendigo cotton and play around to experiment. The school she attends is very strict on uniform, so I thought I’d buy some in school colours for week time and then something fun for weekends.

      It has been a total shock to us all. She started not being well in November.

  5. It’s looking lovely. Are you keeping track of how much of the cotton you’re using? I’d like to make one, but I don’t have a stash & would need to buy the materials.

    • good question! as a minimum you would need 1 ball each of about 6 or 7 colours. Some of my balls had a bit used out of them but you would definitely use up 6 or 7 balls so start with that and see how you go. The beauty of the blanket is that you just keep going till you get the right length

  6. Your blanket looks gorgeous Corrie! I’ve had this pattern on my ‘to-do’ list for quite some time now and after seeing your beautiful version just might have to make it a must for 2014…

    Thanks for the inspiration… xx

  7. Kylie Ross says:

    I have to ask Corrie, do you think it would look OK in acrylic yarn? I have a great big stash of acrylic i would love to use up so I can start collecting some lovely wool (need to clear out before I stock up!)… I read the pattern on line and I think I can manage it – just! Also where do you buy your beautiful yarn from? Anywhere online?

    • oh it would be great in acrylic, plenty of people do them in acrylic. I buy most of my wool and cotton from bendigo woollen mills… and the prices are great and it comes in 200g balls so very good value
      good luck! you’ll have fun

  8. I love your new blanket Corrie and the colours are super pretty – kind of reminds me of gelato, yum. I’d really like to do another one for myself one day ….. the *one day* list is always growing far too big though!

  9. I love the colours you’ve chosen! Very fresh and fun :)

  10. I love this blanket Corrie – the colours are so beautiful. I like the idea of being able to use up the random balls of yarn I have purchased and I have a lot of granny square blankets so need something different. I like the advice you gave about the bigger needle in the beginning….

  11. knitting or crocheting….which should I attempt first? I bought some crochet cotton and a few hooks a few weeks ago, and the plan was to start with simple crochet flowers from a youtube tutorial, but I think knitting might be easier???
    This looks amazing Corrie. x

    • I find crochet easier to get stuck into and def do some youtube tutorials and if you get stuck just yell! always happy to help, it’s so relaxing and you’ll start with flowers and before you know it you’ll be crocheting a blanket:) :)

  12. I love the colours you’ve chosen, Corrie. You have a real talent for selecting lovely colour combinations.

    Thank you for your blog, I really enjoy reading it as soon as each new post is published!!

  13. Kerry-anne says:

    I love the diversity of your blog, although I will admit in the past I gloss over the knitting articles. However, for some reason this has caught my interest and I think I may just put a crochet/knitting project on my list of goals for this year.
    Something new for my brain.
    I love your writing style and as I said diversity of topics. I hope this year is smoother for you and no more of the nasties, as I’m sure the little community you have built up would miss you dearly in their lives ! Happy New Year.

    • ohhhh yes try a bit of knitting or crochet! it’s great to keep you busy, keeps me from snacking at night time and makes me happy too.

      thank you for your kind words, am hoping for a great 2014 too:)

  14. hi! your blanket inspired me to try to make one. Mine buckled on the second row! Any suggestion what to do?

    I am using Debbie Bliss Cotton dk – size 4 needles>



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