one finished knitted doll

Well I was lucky enough to get the doll back off elodie and finish her off. I made the mistake of letting her take it off my lap before hair was finished and a face was stitched on. It was a good 36 hours before I was allowed access to the doll and could finish it off.

this was a week from start to finish and I didn’t really go hard at it just my usual pick it up when I had the time. You need to devote a whole session to seaming and stuffing her and then at least 1-2 sessions for the hair which takes some time but is totally worth it. Would you look at her ravishing black hair that was stitched on one long strand of black cotton yarn at a time. Totally worth it.

You won’t even make a dent in whatever yarn you choose. I was using scraps and huge 200g balls of Bendigo Cotton and you’d never known I’d used any.

So I used 100% cotton yarn for the doll, hair and clothes and then 100% natural wool for the filling (you can buy it here or your nearest Steiner craft supply place or even craft store if you’re lucky). If you can’t access any then just use a poly stuffing that you can find at Spotlight/Lincraft/craft stores but pack more in as it does flatten out over time.

This really is a great pattern. You can find it here for free and I really recommend it and since we’re still in November why not whip up one or a few before Christmas is here. I promise you they will be treasured.

Ravelry details are here, Bendigo Cotton available here, free pattern link is here……………and you’ll find the doll with it’s new owner.


  1. Isn’t she the sweetest wee doll! Does she have a name? I love her striped stockings!

  2. Corrie She Is Divine!!!!!! Can we call her Pippy?

  3. Oh she is just lovely. Looks very fiddly to make (especially the hair!) but well worth the effort :)

  4. She is so sweet, what a lovely toy

  5. Very, very cute!

  6. You are too clever for words.
    I bought my first ball of cotton and crochet needle the other day! (ask me how I went this time next year!) xx

    • you can do it! crochet is so easy and I started with granny square rugs and moved on to ripple blankets in no time!!!! youtube everything and it’s like having a 1 on 1 lesson, I promise:)

  7. I’ve made a start on the doll for my daughter…your so inspiring :)) Which method do you recommend when changing yarn colour?

    • hi there, I snip the ends and weave them in later but for the stockings just bring up the wool from the last row of the same colour. You can get away with it on the doll:)

  8. Hi – new to your blog, and I’m following :-) Love the doll – her face is really sweet and her hair looks really good, especially with the ribbon in it. Very inspiring!

  9. She’s absolutely gorgeous! I’m happy that she’s got such a loving little “mummy” to take care of her!!! Elodie seems to have completely fallen for her!

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