cherry almond cookies (gluten free)

There has been some serious baking going on around here. I know there has been because my jeans are a little snug and we’ve gone through a few sticks of butter this week. I started off with 3 on monday………………

I’m still a bit trial and error with the gluten free flour but these turned out nicely. I’m using either White Wings gluten free or the Macro brand so far. If you feel your mixture is really soft you could add a bit more flour to your cookie dough but by freezing the dough in a round, it does a good job of making them easy to cut and bake. And you get nice round cookies.

This was very popular in our house, leave out the nuts if they are going in lunchboxes and if anyone has any issues with food additives then swap out the cherries for a dried fruit free of additives. Look at me, I’m getting a whole new lesson in reading labels and what to give to children as I try to work out what suits elodie and what foods set off bad behaviour. And it’s not just for the benefit of elodie as everyone is feeling great with the gluten free and less processed food in the house. Well maybe the big kids wouldn’t agree with me 100% but simple things like only buying plain rice crackers is a small change that can make a big difference when it comes to flavourings, colours and the like. Retro daddy had a bad habit of buying bbq or cheese or different flavoured rice crackers but really the kids gobble up plain crackers with some cheese or hummus so just keep it simple.

Anyway long story short these are great little cookies……..and keep the 2nd roll of cookie dough in your freezer as it comes in so handy when you think the pantry is bare and there is nothing to eat…….hot cookies out of the oven with hardly any effort always goes down a treat.

cherry almond cookies (gluten free)
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Baking, Gluten Free
Serves: 24
What you'll need
  • 150g slivered almonds
  • 250g raw sugar
  • 250g unsalted butter, cubed
  • 1 egg
  • dash vanilla extract/essence/paste
  • 320g plain gluten free flour (or plain flour is fine)
  • 100g red glace cherries, finely chopped (or use a dried fruit)
  1. Place almonds in food processor or thermomix and process for 1 second. I do this on closed lid setting and one press of the turbo button. Set aside
  2. Place raw sugar into you thermomix and process for 10 seconds on speed 9. Alternatively just use caster sugar.
  3. Add in butter and vanilla to your sugar and process until creamy. I do this in the thermomix for about 1 minute on speed 4. Scrape down sides of bowl.
  4. Add in egg and combine well. 20 seconds on speed 4 in the thermomix.
  5. Add in the flour and combine well. 1 minute, closed lid setting and knead function.
  6. Now remove the cookie dough from your thermomix and place in a large bowl. Tip in almonds and finely chopped cherries and mix until they are evenly distributed. You can do this in the thermomix on reverse and speed soft or the knead function for about 30 seconds.
  7. Or using your kitchen aid/food processor/mixer just add in the nuts and cherries and gently combine. You don't want to further process the cherries or nuts as it's nice to have a bit of bite to the nut and some larger bits of cherries in your cookies. But the mixture will turn pink either way so don't worry.
  8. Now divide the mixture into 2 and place one lot of mixture onto some baking paper.
  9. You are going to make a log and pop in the freezer so I make a kind of sausage out of my mixture, pick up the long sides of the baking paper, fold over each other and twist the ends which tightens the roll.
  10. Make sure it's a roll and not flat and then pop in the freezer until you need the dough. At least 1 hour is good.
  11. Slice with a serrated or sharp knife and bake in a 180C degrees oven for about 8 to 10 minutes.
  12. Leave to cool on the tray. Really important so they can finish cooking on the tray then transfer to a plate and enjoy. Or eat them hot from the tray which is my usual trick.
  13. Enjoy.


  1. Great recipe, oe of our daughters is gluten intolerant!

  2. Looking forward to giving this a go. I have a few friends and family members who are gluten free or on restricted additives, so this recipe ticks a few boxes :) Thanks so much!!

  3. Those cookies look so delicious! Haha I always know when I have been baking heaps when the butter disappears too!! Thanks for another greta recipe! :-)

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