I’ve never met a hydrangea that I didn’t like

It’s that time of year again……………..hydrangea time! Only thing is that at our house they are down the side of the house…..the side that I only go out to if I’m passing something out to my neighbour or the kids are coming and going next door.

In fact I was chatting to retro daddy yesterday and he was talking about the weeds down that side of the house and I said have a look and see if there are any hydrangeas and there were plenty! I was kicking myself…..totally forgot that they’d be out in bloom.

And in the style of my old mate, A Beach Cottage, I used a blue mason jar for some…..I think she’d be proud of me! She loves her jars and it was on her blog that I first spied some blue ones.

and I have to say that my kitchen is just so bright that it’s the nicest part of the house to take photos! I took these photos after dinner but there is just so much light coming in that you would never know it was getting late outside. And I’m already wondering how on earth I’m ever going to be able to sell this house and move on. I will but it’s going to be tough. We may need a quiet moment together to say our goodbyes……….

The mason jars were picked up here, white jug from Ikea but I’ve been told that almost everyone has the same jug so you probably knew that and flowers from my own yard. I’m keeping a close eye on the next ones that are blooming and must not forget about them……………….


  1. I love hydrangeas. My favourite flower. Instant bouquet in a jar or vase. I planted 5 lots in my garden a couple of months ago. You should move them from the side of your house so you can view them often and pick the flowers as soon as they are out. xo

  2. Hydies are my favourite too, featured heavily in our wedding (all white ones…and peonies loads of peonies!) I’ve always loved to have one in any garden I’ve had, and just planted one last week and popped it up on my blog, it’s planted in a new garden bed in front of our old limestone laundry :) Your ones are such beautiful rich colours! Remind me of my Nan’s blue blousey blooms. Lovely. Oh and yes everyone has that jug, I have SEVERAL because we bought them for our wedding to display around the marquee!

    • love that you had them at your wedding! stunning!
      yes one of my friends lives o/s and she came back to visit and was like what is it with these jugs, everyone has them at their house!!!!!!!!!


  3. Love hydrangeas. They remind me of my Nana. She had them growing at the side of their house. And I remember she was always fiddling with the soil so she could change the colour of them..So they would range in colour from the blues through to the pinks.

    • oh wow! yep they are known as a bit of a nana flower and I love some of the old sydney houses that have them around the house! I just love them so much and how gorgeous to have different colours

  4. susan leach says:

    Love Hydrangeas, had them as the flowers on the tables when I got married. In Perth, they have to be nurtured at times, so they don’t die off from the extreme heat, but such a cheerful way to brighten up a room.

  5. I love them too, although I’ve had no luck growing them. I ignored my mum’s advice to plant them in part shade as then (like you) I would never see them. And so I planted them out front in the sun and they’re just not coping!

  6. I adore them too – the only tricky thing is that they are SO not forgiving if I forget them a day or two, so I´ve killed many of them… But gorgeous they are! :-)

    • yes! that’s what I just realised I wrote for the comment above! they seem to recover if you leave them a day and water them but not too long after that! I know. I only seem to have success when they are already a fixture at the house, any potted ones I usually kill too


  7. Oh Corrie, I’m muy muy jealous! I propagated about 15 last year and only about 8 have taken. They all look healthy but only 4 have big plump pretty faces!! Can’t wait until mine look like yours!
    (pot some before you go!)

    • haha trust me the only reason they probably did so well is because I didn’t plant them or touch them:) I’m not a green thumb. I’ll take a big cutting for you if you like as they are so old and well established. The neighbours like to tell me how the original owners were keen gardeners………..I think they’re trying to say something to me:)


  8. I love them! These were our wedding flowers and always bring back such lovely memories when I see them about! xx


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