first Christmas craft for the year

I had a most enjoyable morning today pinning away some Christmas crafts and baked goodies here. Whether I actually make any of them is another thing. You see for a couple of years now I’ve been saying to myself that I must finish a few more stockings to hang at Christmas time. When the twins were little I knitted up 3 Christmas stockings………and then just never got around to making more as our family continued to grow.

Part of the problem was trying to find the book that I had knit from. But I managed to work out what the cover looked like, ran upstairs to where half of my craft room supplies are stored and found it. Then when I was about half way through knitting this one I even wondered if I was using the same pattern but once finished I realised it was the same pattern. I just need to stitch a name on and make a little loop to hang them….wish I had a nice big fireplace at this house. Still working out where to hang them. Now the great news is that this took me just a couple of short knitting sessions on the couch and in waiting rooms and didn’t even make a dent in a small ball of some leftover wool from Bendigo’s back room.

These stockings aren’t too big and knit up about 20cm long using 8 ply and I am going to cast on a green one tonight. I’m aiming for elodie and emerson and then some mummy and daddy ones. The book is called Cleckheaton Celebration Days 2 Book no. 616

If anyone is an ambitious knitter then why not go the whole nativity scene!

This would take me a few years and is from another great knitting book by Jean Greenhowe and I saw a few copies at Spotlight this afternoon. Mine was ebay a few years ago. If you haven’t discovered knitting patterns (or sewing) from ebay then you need to get on there. Lots of great bargains to pick up when people do a clear out.

it does have smaller projects too

Anyway, I’ll report back with my Christmas stocking progress as a way to keep myself honest and get them all finished this year. I’m sure I’m not the only crafter with good intentions at this time of year………………..


  1. That is awesome, might have to make some myself for nieces and nephews! You could always hang them from the stairs ?

  2. I have that book too!! Not that I’ll ever make any of it… Was just too cute… I hang my knitted stockings (made out of felted old knitted jumpers from vinnies) on the staircase as I didn’t have a mantle to hang them on either… Just a thought- you have a lovely staircase Corrie!! Xxx well done

  3. I love holiday crafting here’s my page I needle felt little critters and ornaments and teddy’s

  4. Sarah Best says:

    I am like a woman possessed making Socks for everyone, if you haven’t tried the NEW BENDIGO SOCK YARN, make sure you do its divine, and a great price!

  5. I LOVE that Jean Greenhowe book … and all her others’ that I own 😉 !! Haven’t made the nativity set, but I certainly have made a lot of her patterns over the years – especially since the first of her patterns that I made was well over 20 years ago – a wedding mouse!! … The stockings are adorable!! How lovely it would be to have enough for the whole family hanging up!!!

  6. I was going to say the same thing as Lisa, hanging them from the staircase or you could always put them on the ends of their beds! They look so cute and I cant wait to see how the green one turns out!

  7. Awwww I was given a knitted nativity like that by my dear great aunt-precious….. Bless her.

  8. Is it crazy I only want a fireplace so I can hang Christmas stockings. I say it every year I will start in July with the Christmas projects but I only get the desire at this time of year when I run out of time.

  9. Elise Fleming says:

    We hang our stockings on the bedroom doors on a little hook. Also, have you seen the knitting book called “55 Christmas Balls to Knit”? There’s some lovely ornaments to knit, fingers crossed i’ll have time to get a couple done.

  10. Sarah (Splish Splash Designs) says:

    Love the nativity scene!! Maybe it’s one that could be started with the aim to have it finished in time for Christmas 2015?? haha.
    Love your stockings too :)

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