high school reunions

This weekend is my 20 year high school reunion and I am so looking forward to catching up with most of my friends again. I left canberra when I finished uni and hardly get back anymore so it’s going to be great to see old friends and what’s happened since our last reunion. This was our last day of year 12 – water guns allowed.

And can I just put it out there that I wasn’t going to share my high school photos. The early years in primary school were much kinder to me and high school was all about getting braces, gaining weight and bad hair. But it is so much fun to look back on the photos…………and now you won’t feel so bad about your own high school photos. This is our year 10 formal photo taken on Mrs Luck’s stairs – she was the maths teacher at Marist and my parents could be safe in their knowledge that the after party was the right place for an almost 16 year old to be. I still remember her potato bake. And clearly I was a blogger in the making because I’m not in the photo, I was taking it.

Our debut at parliament house back in 1993…………here I am with my gorgeous friend Anne-Marie.

and our graduation dinner with my dad’s head in the photo too.

OK, that’s enough memories for me……………..

reunions? Love them? Never go? Wish you could go? Looking at old high school photos makes you laugh/cringe/be grateful that you now have a hairdresser and straight teeth. And if you’re brave come and share a photo with me………………..my favourite hair trend was the big fringe. Remember the one that was half up, half down and lots of hairspray to get that half up to stay up.


  1. Katherine says:

    I hope you have a lovely time Corrie.

    My husband had his 20 year school reunion in June, which I also went along to. About half bought partners. It was a great night and everyone seemed so happy to see each other and interested how others were going. One of the funniest parts was when people would ask which school I went to (which was the same school, but later, so I had a lot of the same teachers) and when I told them that I had been at the same school, they would say that they didn’t remember me (there’s a reason for that!)

    • haha that is so cute you went to the same school:) :) and nice you go to take partners…….I’m kind of looking forward to a night off but love that:)

  2. Love the pics :) I had fun going though mine, don’t worry, my hair was worse than yours! (See you Saturday!)

  3. Oh how funny… My hubs went to the school across the road from you, if I’m not mistaken, but his 20 year is next year.

    I went to my 10 year reunion (7 years ago!), I loved it but I loved school too!

    • that is too funny!!!! there was a rumour going around that their reunion was going to be the same night as ours at the same place………it was a rumour!

  4. Nicole Hester says:

    I went to my 35 year reunion in August. I was at a catholic girls school and left in Year 10. Years 11 & 12 amalgamated with the local catholic boys school that also only went to Year 10.

    All the women at the reunion looked fabulous and had hardly aged at all and most were easily recognisable. However the change in the men was more drastic – most were not recognisable from when they left school. The changes from a 17 year old boy to a 52 year old man are huge.

    • how funny!!!!!!!!!!!! being all girls there will be no boys at our reunion but I look on facebook and can see who everyone is and they do look the same!!!!!

  5. Lovely photos Carrie,I did all my schooling by correspondence school,my Mother wouldnt let Dad send me to “finishing school,hahaha ,so i love seeing how other peoples schools looked

  6. You grew up in Canberra? I missed my 10 year reunion this year…I couldn’t justify the $80 ticket (which was so boyfriends/partners could drink) when I had an 8 week old baby. Disappointed I missed it, until someone told me that they hardly recognised half the people there and it appeared to just be the organiser’s friends (who didn’t attend our school).

  7. I went to the same school!!! Although I am of a slightly older vintage than you, but I still wore that exact uniform. I haven’t been able to wear maroon since!

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