day 12 of our 2nd kitchen renovation

Well it might only be day 12 on the blog but it feels like a lot longer when you’re living through it. And I’ve been a bit quiet but trust me there has been plenty going on behind the scenes….we’ve done a school open day, retro daddy has been away for work then came home then flew out again (I’m exhausted!), emerson decided to swallow some apple scented shower gel this morning that required a call to the poisons information centre, I’m half way through knitting a baby kina, I keep falling asleep getting the kids to bed each night, I’ve been running up and down the stairs to the kitchen and just trying to keep on top of everything.

Thankfully there has been some action in the kitchen with today being caesarstone delivery day. Just one day out but I didn’t mind at all. Everything kind of stops and waits for the caesarstone to be installed and then everyone finishes off their jobs and the job is finished.

The colour is snow, exactly what I put in my last kitchen and I love it. It keeps the kitchen simple and classic and my only issue with snow is that you can see streaks and need a bottle of windex under your sink next to the gumption the wonder cleaner that will get anything (and I mean anything) off your caesarstone.

It makes the kitchen look perfect. The oven was worrying me last night but I know that I need to stop worrying about the oven and have faith that it will all work out and look amazing and a few of the tradespeople will hopefully be sliding that baby into place tomorrow.

Until then…………………….I hope you enjoy these latest photos. It finally is starting to feel real and that I will actually be cooking in this space. And I love this photo before I whisked her out of the room and closed the door.


  1. Corrie, it looks fabulous. So crisp and clean. You have done well do make such quick progress. It is going to be a fabulous place for all the family.

  2. The counter is amazing, I could fit so many bills and junk on there! Usually what happens to our counter because I don’t have a separate office. :-)

  3. Looking beautiful. You won’t know yourself in a couple of days. You’ll be baking up a storm and we’ll be expecting a new recipe blog!

  4. It looks beautiful.

  5. Its looking good Corrie. You are so lucky to have a second kitchen while all of this is going on. Is it full size ?
    Will you still have room for a table in here or is that going in another room ?

  6. It is looking just fantastic! I really love your windows too, this is going to be such a dream space to cook in

  7. It really looks great & it isn’t even finished!! Exx

  8. Hi there

    Try eucalyptus oil to clean the bench top.
    You only need a tiny amount and a gentle rub.
    I’m on my second snow ceaser stone bench and swear by it.

    Good luck!

  9. Looking good! I’m jealous of all your space.

  10. Wow! you must be thrilled your kitchen is looking amazing. I know you mentioned that you are getting new lights but your new kitchen even makes the old lights look great.It will be so much fun cooking in your new kitchen

  11. Beverley Priest says:

    Wow Corrie cannot wait to see the final look, it is already looking so sleek and clean looking….bet you cannot wait to get back into your new kitchen

  12. Corrie,

    Beautiful reno. Love the counters, love the storage, love all the light from those great windows. Thanks for sharing the progress on the blog. It is really fun to follow along.

  13. Corrie,
    Love the photo of little Elodie looking out the window. The kitchen is looking very sleek and fresh. It will be fantastic when finished. I can see a thermomix sitting on one of the benches!

  14. It’s beautiful! I love every aspect of it. Thanks for the gumption and Windex tip for the Caesarstone!

  15. love love love !
    Are you going to use subway tiles again Corrie?

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