my model has gone back to school

In about an hour or so (assuming that I ignore the washing for a little while) this little knit will be finished. Unfortunately school is back and my model has gone. I got a lot of knitting done yesterday in the hope that I would finish it and get it on her but it just wasn’t to be. So at least I can do the right thing and block it first and then it get it on for some photos.

I love school holidays and I find it oh so hard getting back to routine.  Keira was out of bed at 8am and I still hadn’t made her lunch and just wish we could stay in holiday mode for a little longer. Back to lots of time driving everyone around, school, preschool and activities and missing them. I miss keira so much when she’s at school and so do all the kids!

I’ve enjoyed this little test knit and will share photos when it’s on my model tomorrow but had to share the ‘almost finished something’ photos with you today.

I used Bendigo Spring Cotton which is gorgeous as it has a bit of lycra which helps keep the shape. I hope they don’t discontinue it on me anytime soon because I just love knitting through summer and it’s great for kids as you just chuck it in the washing machine and it dries fast too. I’m all about the easy wash and dry clothes around here.

So stay tuned and all going well I’ll have some model shots tomorrow…………………and how pretty is the picot edge going to be.


  1. It looks adorable Corrie! I’m trying to make baby pants today – but due to my crazy baby brain, I’ve lost my seam ripper. Not happy!

    • oh just use a pin! that’s what I do, not as good as a seam ripper but does the job! don’t worry we have all sewn things together. I’ve sewn pants together the wrong way before too:)

  2. I’m glad you added missing activities – sometimes you just have to miss stuff to survive don’t you? They all look happy and bright Corrie – things must be balanced right xx

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