the recipe for a perfect holiday

We are having the loveliest time up here and I am seriously going to be sad and have some PHB (post holiday blues) when we have to head back home. It has all the right ingredients for a fabulous holiday. We’ve got beach time

pool time….this will probably be the one photo of me in the pool as I’m always behind the camera but it had to be done. Proof I have braved the cold water each morning and in true mum style I don’t like to get my hair wet. Just like my own mum……

good food (we have one special dinner out on our trip and it was just gorgeous)

and eat back in the apartment for most of the time

shopping time (it’s not often I duck out of the house without the babies of the family)

more pool time


and ‘just doing nothing’ time

Like all good holidays this is going way too quickly and I won’t lie, it’s hard work taking 5 kids away and looking after them in a different environment. But we’re doing it and we’re having fun while we do it. Full debrief when I get home.

p.s next week when I’m back to reality (boo hoo) I have a reader event and still have a couple of spots free. If you can come to Mascot on Tuesday 24th from 2-4pm for a cooking event with Ed Halmagyi and yours truly then just drop me an email to


  1. looks fabulous wish I was there.

  2. It was the sebel – we love it there! Great pics x

  3. Gorgeous photos Corrie – I can really see how much you’re photography is evolving! Go you. That shot of you and the kids in the pool is beautiful, that’s the kind of photo I wish I had of my mum and us kids, mum’s need to get in front of the camera more! I bet your kids will love that photo one day. Love your bathers, where are they from? That Mr Emerson is so darn cute, I want to eat him up! If he doesn’t make your ovaries sing I don’t know what will! Great photos in the lovely Noosa shops too, do you ask to take photos and tell people you have a blog? I’m never sure what to do…!

  4. Looks like a gorgeous break! You are superwoman..
    Rocking a holiday with five kids almost makes my brain hurt. We are going away tomorrow with a single kidlet and I’m about ready to give up on packing and let him run around nude and play with rocks and mud for four days! Thinking perhaps I should pack tonight with a wine in hand….

  5. Love the last pic Corrie, true Aussie beach meets the bush, love it :-) Your kids are too devine, Emerson with his old man pose, classic. Also, when out for dinner with the tribe, arrive early, at Nanna o’clock!
    Thanks for sharing :-) hope you had sometime to chill and enjoy! Big hugs, Jetts

  6. Oh yes. Happy, happy holiday time. A holiday for kids is truly just doing those simple things together that creates those wonderful memories we all cherish. I think you have created them here.
    And seriously is there a cafe/restaurant in Australia that doesn’t use the Ikea high chairs. We even purchased a few for my daughters wedding venue when they were going to charge $65 to hire highchairs!

  7. Looks like you all had a wonderful holiday….family holidays are the very best!!!

  8. That looks like a really good time. Enjoy! xx

  9. Looks beautiful! I have to ask though, do you find it incredibly stressful watching your kids in the water? I took my 2 to the beach the other day and found it really really hard to have a conversation with the other mums, because I was so worried I would lose my concentration on my kids and something would happen. The other mums seemed fine and one even left her little one on the beach while she went to her car to get something and just asked another mum to watch her. I was so stressed!

    • The beach oh yes! Finn hates the beach so we just take walks and eat our ice cream there. Pool requires both of us in and holding Emerson and one of us arms length to elodie! This year huge change for us as our big 3 can swim without us in the pool or just sitting at edge! Those weekly classes have paid off

  10. Emerson ‘just doing nothing’ pose is adorable!

  11. Looks like your having an awesome time! I used to love swimming and I thought it didn’t count unless you put your head under (especially in the sea)… But now with a baby I don’t want to get my hair wet as I just don’t know when I’ll have the time to wash and blow dry it!

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