a kina for keira

Those of you new here might be wondering what a kina is? Well it’s just my very favourite knitting pattern. Not sure if this is my 6th one but it’s an easy pattern, once I’m on the home stretch after the sleeves I can just take it anywhere and knit it without needing the pattern and it lasts you a year or two. It goes with everything, you can wear it all year round and it’s just a winner. It never lets me down.

I had always used the baby pattern in the past so this was my first time using the kids pattern and this is the size 6 knit in Bendigo 8 ply cotton (colour is parchment) on 3.75mm needles. A word on the Bendigo cotton is that it’s super soft and lovely to use but it does stretch a bit and although the ball band says 4mm needles I always go down to a 3.75mm. And another hot tip is once you’ve washed it just chuck it in the dryer for a bit which helps with the shape.

Keira is a small 7 year old and it looks cute on her but it does have more drape on tillie who has just turned 5. Perhaps I should have made keira the size 8. I was actually tempted to give it to tillie but keira told me I never knit anything for her so I took that as a sure sign that we’d stick to the original recipient. Photos to come this weekend of her modelling it…

If you’re going to knit one of the bigger kids sizes get ready to put some hours in for the body. I lost a bit of interest and then last week just decided I was going to finish this baby. And I did. Partly because I really wanted the needles and cable to cast on a baby kina.

All up this project cost me about $12 in yarn, it’s perfect for summer, being cotton means it can go in the washer and dryer and will get better with age. So all in all a successful knitting project.

Ravelry details are here. Pattern link is here.


  1. Corrie,
    This is really gorgeous. I also love the fabric you have photographed with it. Gorgeous too!

  2. So lovely! I love seeing your various projects – so inspiriting for us newbies. I’ve only knitted scarves and blankets so far, but as soon as I’m brave enough I’m going to have a go at a kina.

  3. It’s gorgeous. Have you ever knitted one for yourself? It looks like the sort of top that would make a summer crop top / over blouse for the cooler days

  4. Sarah (Splish Splash Designs) says:

    Love it!

  5. Love that last shot of the sun shining through! It’s gorgeous.

    You always inspire me to stop starting new projects and just get a wip finished! So satisfying :)

  6. Cascade ultra Pima and brown sheep cotton fleece are both 8 ply equivalent and go well if you can’t get the colours you want in the bendigo. I get mine from from tangled yarns because they have an awesome colour range in stock

  7. Andrea Easton Teika says:

    Beautiful :)

  8. Lovely cardigan! Just wondered whether you prefer the bendigo cotton or bendigo spring cotton when it comes to knitting. Also, which do you think holds shape better? We live in North Queensland and a kina knit in cotton would get more use than one in wool. Winter is already over up here … we only got cold for about a week!!

  9. Such a lovely cardi! :) I’ve never knit a Kina before, but after seeing all of yours I’m very inspired to.

  10. That’s lovely! I clicked the link to get a copy of the pattern but I went to a French? site????! Is it a free downloadable pattern or a purchased one?
    I am knitting my first ever cardi at the moment for my baby (laughable pics on my blog)! This looks nice and easy for a beginner.
    So many ideas and aspirations and yet no skills!
    You should knit some extras and have them as prizes on your blog! I’d love to win one! 😀

    • hi there
      yes it’s a french site and she has english translations of her pattern and it’s EUR3 but you’ll get loads of wear out of it!


      • OK thanks! Managed to navigate their site with no idea what I was doing but have downloaded an English version of the pattern! If I get stuck trying to make it, I will pass it on to a more experienced knitter to make for me! 😀

  11. You know what this means don’t you? I’m following that link to check out the pattern, i can’t help myself! Thanks for the tip about the stretch in the cotton, I’m buying some cotton soon so it’s good to know these things :)

    • it’s a really good pattern and with your girls you’d get such good mileage out of the pattern which is about EUR3. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve used it but I love it so much

  12. It looks amazing. Can you get patterns for adults? If so do you know where from?

  13. Heartsdesire says:

    I have the pattern, but haven’t knitted it yet. We don’t have any little girls in our family right now but I think I’ll knit it anyway. You are always so enthusiastic about this pattern that I’d just like to try it. If I can’t find anyone to give it too, I’ll hang it in my sewing room as part of the decor lol.

  14. Noella Hextall says:

    Just gorgeous Corrie, you’re a very talented knitter! How closely do you follow the original pattern when you change the yarn ply? How do you decide how many stitches to cast on? Just imagine how many kinas you will be making when your knitting machine is up and going! Thanks for the constant inspiration! :-)

  15. I am on the home stretch on my first Kina in adult size – for me. It’s a lovely pattern, but I agree with you, the last bit is getting tiresome and I just want it finished. I have a rule with myself that I can’t do any other craft unless I have done 2 rows!

  16. That looks just lovely Corrie! You have inspired me to try out the spring cotton! Thank you!

  17. Love this!! Short sleeve knits always seem to work better with my kids. And it looks great in the cotton! Nice job!!

  18. Keira will look beautiful in this for summer :)

  19. cherie watson says:

    Hello Corrie,
    I downloaded the baby pattern but found it hard to follow its like some of the rows are missing it doesn’t state how many rows to knit could you please post a tutorial for dummies lol love your posts<3

  20. Gorgeous . I have knitted myself 2 and lived in them over winter over a thin merino top. Have made a baby one too. Might need to buy some cotton to knit another one for me – problem is with all my knits for me, I am running out of space to store them. Time for a professional to sort out our walk in wardrobes think!

  21. Hi Corrie, can you tell me what Model number you made this Kina from as both PDFs have different amounts of stitches for the same size and neither has chest measurements, so I’m a bit unsure of which size to make and from which pattern. I’m hoping you can help – thanks!

  22. So pretty! I wish I was that skilled.
    Btw, I could have sworn you knitted something for Keira while she was recovering from her broken leg? Something in blue?

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