how the twins spent their birthday

Oops I realised that I had forgotten to share some cute photos from the twins birthday! We had such a great day without a party but I have promised them a big party next year when they’ll be at big school and of course I’ll have to invite everyone in the class or have 50 million kids running around……mind you I get good practice with lots of kids running around without having to invite anyone over these days.

The twins were up early for birthday hugs and telling each other that they were definitely taller! Then they had some very important business to do spending birthday money and having a happy meal and some ben & jerry’s. All those special treats that we just don’t do very often. I say this because a trip for ice cream for 7 people is no cheap outing plus there is the sugar high. So ice creams to finish off a fun outing with daddy were a big hit

we did some birthday posing

and then when I asked them to pose together, well it kind of went like this

and when asked to kiss each other?

The cakes I blogged about here………….we gave everyone a chance to blow out the candles……………some especially cute little people like elodie got a few goes

and that was the twins 5th birthday…..some of us enjoyed the birthday cake more than others

And I get all the fun jobs like cleaning up……………….


  1. Samantha Marshall says:

    Oh Corrie I love that picture of Emerson stuffing his face! So glad the twins had a fabulous birthday. They are so grown up now!

  2. Hahahahaha yam that cake in Emerson!!! He’s too cute! The twins look so grown up now, time sure is flying. Looks line much birthday fun was had by all xx

  3. So darn cute, the window into the big day warms my heart they are such a gorgeous family xx

  4. Loving your photos again!! Must read the book I bought called ‘Elevate the Everyday’ or go to Tim’s workshop -and use my SLR not my phone all the time :)

    • oh do go to one of his workshops, just amazing! I really had a lightbulb moment when I sat there and worked out manual and got off auto and got it all kind of sorted in my head:)

  5. Just adorable. Your children are just gorgeous.

  6. Oh Corrie – your family KILLS me! One day all your kids will look back on this time with such fondness. What a fantastic childhood you’re creating for them.
    Am loving your photos of late, great stuff! Can really see the difference, helps when it’s pointed at that Elodie though, oh she is the bees knees isn’t she? Love her cardigan too. The light in your house is brilliant, I do love our big wide verandahs on all four sides of the farmhouse but I struggle to get good light-filled images like yours.
    The first shot with Keira in the background – looks like fun times at the Sebire household! I love how you’re capturing the REALNESS of life with five. Happy birthday to the twinnies xxx

    • oh thank you! I am loving the new camera and putting tim’s lessons into action! he has really helped me take better photos!

      I do love this house and afternoon sun but oh gosh I’d love to live in the country like you:) :)

      I do hope they’ll look back with fond memories!

  7. Happy Birthday to the gorgeous pair…and happy birth-day to you, Mum! Your photos are brilliant, Corrie, you must be so proud! x

  8. What beautiful photos, looks like a great day :)

  9. Dianne Nunn says:

    more beautiful memories.x

  10. What is Keira doing in that first photo? Whatever it is I bet it was loud!!

  11. Lol and all I was worried about was the crack crumbs in the cracks of those gorgeous floors!!!

  12. Cake crumbs….not crack crumbs :) :) :)

  13. Corrie, just admiring these gorgeous pictures when I discovered that you have the very same lino on the floor that I grew up with. Mum and Dad only took it up when I was an adult. Seeing that lino again has bought back some memories!

    • oh yes my 1972 lino! it’s pretty special isn’t it! it is totally falling apart and I am hanging for the day that it gets ripped out!!!!!!

  14. Gorgeous pics. And how much does Finn look like retro daddy! Glad they had such a good day xxx

  15. Corrie, I so love reading your blog and happy birthday to the twinnies! Could you please tell me what camera you use to take such great shots. Is it the same one all the time? They really are lovely photos, full of light. I want to start taking some great photos of my little ones for keepsake rather than just always using the camera on my iphone. Would appreciate your advice. Thanks!

    • oh ainslie thank you! I need to write a blog post soon on what I’ve been doing.
      I’ve very kindly been given an olympus omd em-5. These are taken on manual and I’ve been doing some Tim Coulson workshops and taking the camera off auto.
      I have always been taking photos in auto but just decided I had to do course and take them in manual where you adjust the light and it does make a big difference
      thanks for noticing:) :)

  16. looks like they had a good day!!

  17. Gorgeous photos of gorgeous children!
    Finn and Sully – priceless…

  18. Gorgeous photos. The twins are looking so grown up! I always love reading about your twins because they are a similar age to mine. Similar cakes this year, too – basic cakes with icing and lollies on top!

    • yep, got to keep it simple when 2 cakes are involved! although finn wanted no icing or lollies and was very disappointed in what I created!

  19. Corrie these photographs are simply stunning! Not that you are ever likely to run out of blog work but if you do, I’m sure you could make a great living out of being a photographer!!! I too am keen to read a post in future about your camera etc. I’ve seen you note elsewhere that Olympus have loaned it to you for the year.. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the camera. I’ve long wanted to buy a DSLR but I have to admit I’m reluctant because there are so many different features, they look like you need a degree to master them and they can be so pricey! I have a beloved (film) SLR that I used 15 years ago but I’m wary of spending a lot of cash on a DSLR if I find it disappoints.

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