I knitted a hat

Well after the blanket I decided that my next project had to be something quick. Toddler hats are perfect. This is based on the umbilical cord hat which is a great little pattern. I just used 12 ply wool (Bendigo Rustic 12ply), 5.5mm double pointed needles, cast on 66 stitches, kept knitting for about 12 cm before I started my decreasing.

I made this one for tim coulson’s gorgeous little boy roo who reminds me of emerson! And I better make one for emerson…………..but only once I finish the kina for keira. I am really dragging the chain on that kina but will not be starting any new projects until it’s finished!

Ravelry details for this little hat are here.


  1. Beautiful Colour. Same as the baby blanket? need a small project. Thanks

  2. Beautiful hat, your such a good knitter. How do you find the time to knit with five little kids? Love your blog, I read it every day :))

    • oh thank you:) :) I knit at night, swimming lessons, in the car and outside while the little ones play!!!!! Love having something to do when I’m out and about and can peer over the top of my knitting and keep watching while I knit! mind you this week I haven’t done too much as lots of things due and a busy week

  3. So cute, I am not a knitter but I am working on a project and I need 50 knitted hats for premature babies, I asked my Mum if she could knit a few and all of a sudden she is loving knitting newborn and teeny tiny premmie beanies for me in so many cute styles. I might print this out for her too.

  4. that is adorable……my niece had a baby three weeks ago…i’ve knitted him a pair of booties…but would love to give this a try….even though i am 3/4 of the way through knitting a dress and 1/4 way through knitting a jumper….!! Can’t help myself !!

  5. Very cute! I knitted a baby beanie this week too. Only mine was a newborn size :) I love the little knot on top, I am going to have to incorporate that into my next one :)

  6. I will definitely be adding an umbilical cord hat to my Ravelry Projects
    Love the colour of the wool too

  7. This looks fab I love the colour :) I’m an avid knitter myself so love to see what others are making!

  8. Love the colour such a pretty shade! I just took the whole (almost) of a New York summer to knit a hooded cardi for my 7month old ( the surprise baby sister to our 3,5,7 and 8 yr olds!) Need a quick knit to get me to the next project, this will do nicely :)

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