Cooking with Tenina – Mexican Fiesta Class

You know good things are about to happen when you walk into a big kitchen and see this on a Monday night…………………

and especially when Tenina is there too! Not only is she a great teacher when it comes to all things Thermomix but she’s an entertainer…………………you are going to have fun in that room! I can assure you! Look how much fun she is having making aioli.

Now I have to admit that mexican food in our house consists of tacos, nachos or burritos. Oh and quesadillas. So a class called Mexican Fiesta sounded like a lot of fun. And it’s one of those things where everyone wins because mum comes home with new recipes to try out on the family………and she gets a well deserved night out of the house.

We got things started with Horchata a delicious rice and nut drink…..I loved it and I’m not really a nut milk kind of girl but this was sweet, delicious and refreshing. Just another way to put your Thermomix to good use and make your own healthy drinks.

And how about a trio of dips with some corn chips – Jalapeno and lime aioli, crio bru avocado spread and a red kidney bean and lime dip. These were so fresh and delicious and I’ll definitely be giving them a whirl when I have some friends over.

Then it was time for some mexican charred corn and quinoa salad……and underneath the salad are some delicious homemade tortillas, a spicy pumpkin seed salsa and chicken tinga with potatoes. It was spicy, delicious and fresh. And not a hint of sour cream or grated cheese in sight.

Do you still have room for dessert after those photos? Because for dessert Tenina made her own puff pastry for a delicious chocolate tart with fresh mango on top…..served with some vanilla ice cream.

and if we had a little bit of room left then there was mexican chocolate tablet which had the delicious taste of chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla and almonds. It is made with Crio Bru granules and a little cacao butter. Yummy.

thank you so much to Tenina for such a fabulous class and all of her busy helpers behind the scenes who also made it happen…it was so great to get you know you before the class. And thanks to all the gorgeous ladies sitting near me at the table. We had a great time. Now Tenina, would you please go and get working on the Tenina bus to bring your classes around Australia. We need you………………………..


  1. You are totally amazing…to get this out so fast. Loving your pics…great camera hey??

    Talk soon


    • had to get out while it was all in my head! thank you again for a great class and let the countdown until your book comes out begin:)

  2. Angie Stevenson says:

    RetroMummy, so lovely to meet you. I recognised you immediately and was thrilled to be able to tell you what a great job I think you do with 5 children, baking, knitting, sewing, renovating etc… and now I know you also fit driving a BIG van into your day you are more astounding. Keep doing what you do, as you do it so well.

    • was so lovely to meet you! I couldn’t believe I got home and didn’t have everyone’s names!!!!!! I’m very impressed with how many thermomix classes you go to!

  3. Would so love to go to a Tenina class. She is fabulous!

  4. Lesley G says:

    Would love to go to a Tenina class. It’s always inspirational to get to a good class. You go home and want to get into the kitchen and just create!
    And yes it’s a win win for you and the family.
    I used to regularly go to themed cooking classes and loved the new recipes and the company of like minded people.

  5. What a great article. A great night also. says:

    A wonderful article. A great night also, learnt lots.

  6. wendy Morris says:

    Where can we book into one of these classes?

  7. When is Tenina coming To Tassie?

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