A Taste of Asia – another book for the Thermomix

Another day, another Thermomix cookbook review. I thought I’d knock over a few this week and this one, A Taste of Asia, was on my wish list for a while. And I’m happy to report it’s a winner AND at $30 I think it’s very good value as it’s jam packed full of recipes. Until now my favourite cookbook at home for the Thermomix has been my indian one but I think this one might give the indian cookbook a run for it’s money.

It starts with a section on basics and drinks and includes curry powders, plum sauce, chilli sauces, asian stock, satay sauce, coconut rice, wonton wrappers and more. I could keep going. This book really does cover a lot of asian cuisines and I love a lot of types of asian cooking so I was loving the variety.

There’s lots to love in the mains section of the book- steamed homemade beancurd (think tofu), sweet and sour prawns, a few noodle dishes, laksa (mmmmm yum), soy sauce chicken, more prawn dishes, nonya curry chicken, hainanese chicken rice, gung bo chicken (chicken with dried chillies and cashews), more chicken dishes including chicken satay, soups, beef dishes including beef rendang.

Then it’s snacks and desserts and if you’re a yum cha/dim sum kind of person then you’ll love this – pot stickers, bbq pork buns, curry puffs from scratch (I am so making these), steamed buns, steamed pumpkin buns and more……

soup dumplings, cakes, cheesecake, pineapple tarts, fortune cookies and that malaysian favourite – ice kachang (think shaved ice, red beans, corn kernels and sweet syrup – I’ve never tried it but when my parents lived in malaysia it always fascinated our family. OK, we joked about it!). There are also some delicious ice desserts like lychee sorbet, coconut ice cream, black sesame ice cream and green tea ice cream…and more.

Now can you see how I wasn’t lying……..this book is jam packed full of recipes. I haven’t made anything yet but am making mental notes of what I have to make first. One of the reasons that I love my thermomix is because it does so much of the hard work for me and this cookbook should hopefully have me getting a bit more variety onto the dinner table. Definitely a winner this one and I think it suits everybody……..well who likes asian food. If you have a meat and 3 veg kind of person at your house you might want to introduce it in slowly……………


  1. My mouth is watering at the thought – especially the images of the desserts.

  2. Oooh looks good! Your reviews are going to make me buy all of these books!

    I am a huge fan of Asian cooking, and I NEED to start using my thermomix more often and to it’s full potential, so this book may be a good idea!

    Do you have any other thermie books you recommend? :)

    • sorry! I thought maybe if I review them and then people can prioritise or pick their favourites! the indian one is a top favourite as great for every night dinners;)

      • Haha don’t apologise…I love any excuse for a new cookbook!

        Indian food is another fave of mine, and I keep hearing good things about the Indian cookbook and keep seeing photos of thermie curries etc all over facebook, so I might need it :)

        Seeing as though I spend $2k on my thermie, I want to get as much out of it as possible.

        I’ll be doing some baking this weekend and will be making your choc raspberry cookies and mocha cake, thermomix style :)

  3. Oh Corrie, I haven’t got this one but it will definitely be on my Christmas gift list for myself and family. I hope all is going well with little Elodie . Cheers, Trish.

  4. Think I need this one, Corrie!

  5. You’re a bad influence Corrie. 😉 now I’m going to have a string of cookbooks to add to my wish list. They all look so delicious, I can’t choose.

  6. Corrie, I just bought a thermomix and it’s being delivered on Saturday, very excited! Will have to buy this book, if anything just for the curry puffs :)

    • oh yes, I have a thing for curry puffs! must order them whenever I’m out and they are on the menu

      enjoy! I see a busy weekend in the kitchen for you! happy cooking

  7. Lesley G says:

    You are such a temptress. I am slowly turning into an online shopping junkie. It doesn’t take much to tempt me with cookbooks. My darling husband will be non the wiser. They hide quite nicely amongst a well established library of cookbooks. What that old cookbook? Had it for ages…..

    By the way I hit the suzihausfrau shop on Sunday. Felt a need to establish a stash!

    I have never been a good shopper but am slowly learning. You’re a very good teacher.

    • oh dear! yes I am a very good shopper! might need my disclaimer on a few more blog posts – all care taken but I’m not responsible for your spending:) :)

      I think so long as the menfolk benefit from the cooking OR might even be motivated to cook. I have one friend whose hubby does all the cooking now that the thermomix is in the house. He is always trying new recipes out too

      • Lesley G says:

        Sausages on the BBQ are my man’s strength. I don’t even trust him with the steak anymore. A good steak is easily ruined in his hands. I think I may have OCD when it comes to food. My way or no way.

        When it comes to eating though he is an appreciative audience and we both miss not having our equally appreciative fathers at our table now that they have both passed away.

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