my magnolia tree

I am not a gardener, I would like to be but sadly I’m not. But one thing that I do have working in my favour is my beautiful magnolia tree and right now it is looking it’s best. Well one third of it, the third that flowers while the rest just stays in bud for a while. Every time I’ve been out the front I’ve said to myself that I must bring my camera out and yesterday was the day I finally ran back in and grabbed it.

Now today is also the last day of the school holidays. Two weeks of sleeping in, pjs and no school run are over. School is back tomorrow and it’s back to the grind. We’ve had lots of fun but a little part of me is glad to have the house back to normal during the daytime and get back into routine. We’ve booked a week away in the sun next holidays so we can all count down to that in the meantime.

I hope you enjoyed your school holidays too or maybe you’ve got another week. If you have another week then enjoy it for me because I could use another week……………but then I’d probably need a week after that too……..


  1. Still a week here! We are using today for some sewing lessons and some quilting (for mummy) while the kids watch a movie.

    I love school holidays, but like you, enjoy when they go back – back to the routine and organisation :)

    Have a happy day Corrie

    Leanne xo

  2. Lesley G says:

    Children and magnolias an equal delight. Children plus magnolias a double delight. Love your photos. Especially your close up of the full bloom with a misty Emerson in the background. You’re children are all so adorable?
    Gardening time & knowledge will come later after the children have had their full fertilisation and pruning. If you get me drift.
    Enjoy your last day of the holidays. :-)

    • haha yes I did want to say that having lots of kids means there isn’t much time for gardening! then there are my crafts too, craft before gardening but I think when they’re bigger I could get into gardening:)

  3. I love holidays for the same reasons but am not at a homeschooling stage just yet! We have a curriculum day today then back tomorrow. I am not sure how we will be out the door for a 8am kinder start though! Love that you got your camera out too!

  4. Sadly my kids are back at school today :(
    I adore school holidays. Even though at times the kids argue and you think “I wish school was back”, I think I would much rather they be home than have to put up with the tedious lunchbox/homework/general school routines.
    I always say to myself that if I was given the opportunity to do my life over, I would live in the country and homeschool my kids. Country air, farm life, organic gardening, home made everything and homeschooling are what I would have loved…….my husband always tells me I should have been Amish and I think in many ways he is right lol.
    Enjoy your last day of relative freedom!!!


    • yes me too! would love a bit of country life and home schooling:)
      and the quilting, yep could have been amish but would miss my tv shows and car


  5. Those photos are lovely, magnolias & children :) my magnolia is right outside the window I am sitting near now, I just put my glasses on to make sure but although I can see buds no flowers yet. Once it gets going it will be gorgeous.

  6. Beautiful photos!!

  7. Oh I love magnolia trees but don’t have one of my own :-( will have to check out all the ones I know over the next week to see if they are flowering too! We are spoilt with a curriculum day at my daughters school today so don’t return to the chaos of school and work till tomorrow (I’m a teacher too, but only work 3 days and have Mondays off to always have a long weekend and to get things organised for the week ahead 😉 ) 10 weeks till the next holidays and 8 nights away camping up north – hopefully in the sun!!!!! Not that anyone is counting 😉 !!! I LOVE holidays with my girls and the not having to be out of the house every morning and the feeling of always rushing somewhere!! To celebrate the last day of relaxing we are still in our pj’s and making the most of going slow… Hope term 3 is kind to you and your family xox :-)

  8. Did you know you have an extra child there? Or are my eyes deceiving me. Love the photobomb by Keira too on Tillie. One back at school today but she walked by herself today and back to kinder tomorrow, then just myself and the little man at home. I will miss them.

    • ha ha yes we had my little sweet niece Beatrix over for the day! but honestly one more is no more work! so sweet!

      I will miss them when they’re back at school:)

  9. Hi Corrie,

    I totally agree, we could so do another week, love having them home, planning fun things and not having to be anywhere…..and especially no homework. Love the comment about being Amish … I have always thought their community was the way it’s meant to be….. We had a ‘yes’ day in the holidays….a winner but exhausting for me!!!


  10. Look at your little blondies! They’re so beautiful. x

  11. Magnolia is the most beautiful scent around :) Your tree is looking good!

  12. After reading your post I am thinking about adding a Magnolia to our garden. The flowers look divine. My children still have another week off, three in total. I am loving it, and don’t want them to go back.

  13. absolutely stunning Corrie, I am very envious!!!

  14. janine b says:

    your beautiful magnolia reminds me of the one in the garden where i grew up – so lovely! probably didn’t appreciate it enough at the time. holidays finished on moday here (vic) and i was quite grateful – my 15 y.o. twins were sending me dotty – thought they were meant to improve with age! actually got a lot of sewing done as i needed time out in the sewing room :)

    • oh I look forward to the time I get time out in my sewing room!!!! I am nervous about the teenage years, 5 teenagers in one house! ahhhhhhhhhhh

  15. laureexc says:

    Your manolia is fantastic and it looks like a gardener’s magnolia. I hope my trees become like your’s.
    Sorry for the english, it is bad because I’m french but I love your blog even if I don’t understand everything !

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